Monday, December 30, 2013

The Cutting Edge of Crazy....

Here is the next installment of the doll antics following 1:6 Cat and her ever expanding  motley crew.

If you are behind click here to catch up. 

And so we begin with Molly standing where we last saw her....

With that, Molly makes her exit.

Shortly after, Cat sits down to make an important call...

While 1/6 Cat has, what appears to be, the rest of her nervous breakdown,
it seems that Molly has found a nice quiet park to reflect in....

Oh dear....let us hope Molly's future plans of apology don't backfire. 

To Be Continued.... 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Bodyguard....?

(Valentina was re-rooted and gifted to me by my dear friend Danielle Kempke! She has kept the name Danielle gave her, as well as the awesome attitude. Thank you again, Danielle!)

**Worst "selfie" to make a point....ever.**

**Later that night Cat was at home preparing for bed.**

**It didn't take her long to fall into a deep sleep...**


Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm on

1/6 Cat is! 

Hey gals and guys! Mini Cat here! 

I wanted to let you know we've been featured on the wonderful website


This is really exciting for 1:1 Cat and the rest of us over at A Doll Affinity!

Here is a screenshot of the dress on the site....

<3 You can purchase it, and take a little piece of A Doll Affinity home with you. <3

(Actual dress shown above.)

Cat and the rest of the gang have plans to contribute more pieces in the future. <3

And on top of all this, Tiny Frock Shop also did a feature on their blog about us!
You can find it HERE.

I/we want to issue and extra special thank you...

This is so HUGE to me/us!! Honestly, if it weren't for all the kind and encouraging individuals I've met along the way I wouldn't have made it this far. Not even close! So thank you (every single one of you) for all the love and consideration you've given to all the crazy doll related things I/we do. 
*Had to add "we"  the plastic folks were offended. lol*  ;)

-1:1 Cat, 1:6 Cat, and the rest of the Motley Crew
A Doll Affinity