Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not a Lifetime Movie...

 I know I was away from the blog for a very long time, and I will spare you the excuses/details.
What is important to know is that I am back so you can
expect updates and stories on the blog again.

If you haven't caught up with the other installments of Cat and her friends you can find them all...

Now let us pick up where we left off!! 
(P.S. I missed you ALL!!!) 

 Cat arrives at Sia's salon before work...

A few minutes pass and Cat finds herself reading a seedy article while she waits for her turn.

Just before Natalie goes to follow Sia to a chair,
  London descends upon them with camera in hand...
(That boy and his "selfie" obsession.)

A little while later Cat makes it to work. 
Breathy and a lil' late, but not cut into ribbons.

Then she notices someone has placed a box on her desk...

Thank you ALL so much for your patience. 
I hope to post 1-2 of these per month!

May each of you be well!!
Thank you for reading!!

-Cat and the dollies.....even the evil ones. ;)