Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 2nd Steffie Commission...

I have been sick for over a week now, and am finally starting to get better.

So, my apologies to everyone for not posting this sooner.

As promised the 2nd Nicki Minaj inspired Steffie. 


Here she is BEFORE...

Here is the inspiration for her new look...

 (Not my image.)

And here is the finished Steffie...

 (And if anyone knows what doll or set this "Barbie" necklace came from, please let me know!)

Some of you may have already seen this gal on Flickr and my Facebook, but I promised to put her in the blog too. 

I also did another re-root project during this process for April...

(She was a Teen Nikki before her re-root.) 

I should be posting more again soon!

Welcome to all of my new followers!!
Have a great week!!

A Doll Affinity

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Steffie Commission (^_^)

I was approached by a fellow blogger, that many of you know as Alison from The Fashion Doll Review, to work on 3 Steffie commissions. 

I was going to wait to share all 3 at once, but I'm just too impatient. 

 Each one is to be inspired by Nicki Minaj's style. 
 So, I went looking for inspiration based on what Alison and I discussed. 

 Here is her "Before" shot. 
She is a Birthstone Beauty Amethyst Barbie.


We decided on "Seaweed" from Restoredoll.com for her new hair color.

(Here she is pre-part and style.)

Now for the styling of her hair I needed some inspiration, and found this picture...

(Not my image.)

I liked the longer waves but not the bangs.
So after futher discussion, Amethyst Steffie ended up looking like this...

 (She was a blast to style, as many of you know, I LOVE experimenting with colors.)

 (Full body shot.)

(And the side by side comparison.)


Back to work I go....

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read my blog.
I really appreciate each of you. <3

-Cat (^_^)
A Doll Affinity