Friday, March 15, 2013

A Special Monster High Doll for My Birthday! (^_^)

My birthday has come along again (March 15th), and I received my very first Monster High Doll. 
I don't collect these dolls, but as soon as I saw this one, I HAD to have her. 
In fact, I've been wanting her since they introduced her at the toy fair last year. sweet sister (Nikita) surprised me with my very first (probably only) Monster High Doll. 
What makes it even sweeter is that she scoured through all 6 boxes to find the gal with the perfect hair and make-up. How endearing is that?!

Before I got her, here is the list I complied on why this is a Monster High Doll I must own:

1. Her color scheme is purple and black.
2. She is a cat character.
3. She has an adorable hair style.
4. Her name is Catrine, and my name is Catherine.
5. She is an artist! (^_^)

And now, Catrine DeMew is a very speacial addition to my collection, and a MH Mini me.

I pray all of you are well and blessed today, and all weekend long! <3


-Cat and Catrine of A Doll Affinity
(^_^)  (=^.^=)