Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hot New Man Alert! ;)

There is no reason not to jump-start the heart of this blog with some fantastic plastic!

I give you the newest heartthrob/woman eater...

His working name (for now) is Constantine.
I feel I should be ashamed and embarrassed to admit that, for all to see, but I'm not. 

He started life as a Harley-Davidson Ken Doll from the 2010 gift set.
I should have a before picture, but with all the craziness in my life I spaced that some might like to see how he began his journey. 
I will try to do better next time. 

Until then, all you will have are a couple more hunky pictures of his finished look and this little monster...

Pickles the cat. 

I'm not impressed either, but the hot new man alert must go on. 

Constantine (yes I am chuckling) was re-rooted using Fiery Shadow Saran from Retro Dolls US
I added black saran underneath and in the part line, and he was given a partial re-paint, because the blue eyes just weren't working. 

*Re-read that, and now I'm chuckling more.* 

Someone had too much caffeine today. 

Okay. Okay. 

 And to close this wacky post I must inform you that Constantine has already started tempting some of my gals into the woods. 
Poor Yuki.
He probably fed her some line of crap about what a good guy he is.
Good guys you barely know do not coax you into the woods at night with kind words. 
Yuki is new here too. 
That boy is already making messes. 

I think I will have more than enough to write about.
Don't you? 

*Hugs and love to each of you!*

From Cat and her Motley Crew of dolls!