Saturday, August 8, 2015

Catching Fire Katniss Barbie Reroot

I thought I took a before picture of her. 
I was mistaken. 
For those of you who haven't seen this doll in her original incarnation click here. :)

A little less photo flair.

To the side....flair back on. ;)  

Up close and personal. 

And Bam! ;)  

I thought she would look good as a red head. Something about her understated facial screening made me see her as a flower child/bohemian beauty. 
She was completed a few months ago and is now on her way to her new home. 

Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support! 
It is seriously 70% of my life force right now. 

A Doll Affinity

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Have Issues.

Last weekend I decided it was time to purge some doll items. 
I took out the shirt drawer and proceeded to dump all the little baggies into the center of a 4ft table. 
The above photograph depicts that moment. 
I crammed a doll into the pile so you could see just how huge the shirt pile was. 


I also discovered (though I already suspected) that my dress collection runneth over. 

I might also add that I have another large drawer full of gowns and fantasy style dresses. 
They are not pictured here. -_-

There were no pictures taken of my pants/shorts/capris/skirts and jackets. 
The piles are large but not nearly as daunting as the shirts and dresses. 
You'll be thrilled to know I did get rid of a few baggies full of stuff, so the piles are a lil' more manageable.  

Moments like these really set me back a bit. 
Pulling out one random doll clothes item and looking at it like a bad ex. 
Then you gasp,
"What WAS I thinking?!"

Yeah, it was a little bit just like that. ;)  


Now for the Bonus material...
The doll below has SOLD. Thank you!  ^_^

 She was part of my personal collection.
Formerly a DOTW  Philippines Barbie.
If you follow me on Flickr you might have seen her here.

While she was part of my collection I called her Mila.

 I hope the end of Summer is treating everyone well!

Until next time...
(A Doll Affinity)