Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I did something that scares me.

(Pictured above is Dead in her Tracks Dani by Integrity Toys before and after her makeover.
Re-rooted in More Titian from 

A full re-root with a full face up.
There is something that stirs in me when I see a blank doll face.
Pretty certain it is fear, no, crippling terror.
That's definitely it.

Maybe it is the blank slate of expectation that causes the stirred anxiety?

The good news is, I pushed through it and actually finished her.
She was a commission for my lovely doll friend Nick.

Her belief in my work has propelled me forward on many occasions and I wish to thank her publicly for her selfless sweetness. Thank you Nick! You're AMAZING. <3

(Just a note to others who may decide to re-do this dolly in the future. 
Those rooted lashes made things pretty tricky.) 

Oh yeah....a close up. ;)

I loved seeing her emerge from the icy persona of her former visage into a lovely butterfly.
I was inspired by the monarch butterfly as I painted her, so I think the above statement is a good fit. ;)

She has made it home safe as I write this post.
I'm glad I pushed through the fear of defacing and then refacing a doll.
Now to keep the trend going.

I'm working on some fun projects at the moment.
You'll have a couple more blog posts from me in the next week.
Things are swinging back into a normal ebb and flow after 2 years of craziness.
I'm looking forward to what comes next.


Hoping each of you are finding things to smile about.
+Cat and all her weird/obnoxious dolls.+