Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mall updates and new items for sale! :)

I am still busy! :)  There are a lot of things I hope to show everyone this week and I should have Episode 14 up and running this weekend. *Crosses fingers...holds breath...passes out* Well that isn't any way to get things done, now is it? ;)  Here are a few pictures of my Mall renovations...

 I rearranged "Fire and Ice Fever" lol  
Please don't ask why the Tokidoki OOAK is still there. 
Long bad story. Not gonna go there today. :)
 The new and improved Possibilities Kiosk in "The Perfect Fit".
One of my cool winnings at the doll party. :)  The blue/teal thing was supposed to hold Liv sized sunglasses, but I turned it into a nifty bracelet display.
 The twins looking down on "The Perfect Fit". I think they are jealous of the new Kiosk. Don't worry girls, we will do something special for your little  place of employment in the future.
 And I FINALLY have a nursery! *Dies happy* I always wanted one and due to my is now possible.
I love it all so much!! :)

Oh and I have new listings on  Show and Sell site. 
Here is the link to those: CLICK ME! :)

Have a great week...I will post new surprises soon! 

Thank you for stopping by.. :)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Part Three: Dream Doll Room Finale!

So sorry I didn't get to this post on Friday as was promised in my last post. Hopefully, you'll be so blown away with the final scenes of this grandiose room that you'll forgive me. ;)
But before I get into the pictures, Ms. Leo mentioned something in one of her comments that sparked an idea. For all who read this, send me any and all questions you may have about Julie's doll room. I will gather everyone's requests and try to interview her in the next few weeks. Then I will post the interview here in my blog. If you want to e-mail me your questions for Julie instead, please send them to And this should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, please keep your questions clean and doll related. :)  Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and your patience with my snail slow replies!! 

Now, onto the good stuff. ;)

We will begin the last segment with the far right wall of the doll room.
This area is where the dolls would live. It's full of dioramas reflecting home life and family. 
You are in for a treat, as these shelves stretch the length of this wall. I will work my way from top to bottom. :)

 The patio/garden area...
(located on top of the shelves from left to right)
The attention to detail in these scenes is once again, flawless. 
I always love outdoor doll dioramas because to me they are harder to master.
Look at the leaves! :)
 I love the kids in the wheelbarrow.  Cute! 

 The Kitchen
(Located on the first shelf to the far left)
 The table and chairs are so perfect!
 I love the rack behind the stove and the island!
Awww! Kittens! :)

 Next stop, The Nursery...
(located to the right of the kitchen in the second shelf)

There are no words for the immense amount of cute pictured here. :)

The Boys Bedroom...
(Located to the right of the nursery)

Look at the bunk beds!
Look at these lil' guys! :) So many neat toys to choose from.

The Living Room...
(Located on the far left on the second shelf down)

I love her little paintings through out  all of her dioramas.
I think the T.V. in this room use to be a small digital alarm clock. 
Cool idea isn't it? :)

The Bathroom...
(Located to the right of the living room)

I love her sink area and the little tiled floor! 

The Girls Bedroom...
(Located to the right of the bathroom)

Look at the little play kitchen set!!
 Is that a mini hungry hungry hippo game?!
 The shelves filled with toy goodness are everywhere! :)

Office/Laundry room...
(This is located on the bottom shelf to the far left. Both are within the same area,
and separated with a little divide)

Love the corner desk!!!
The Garage...
(Located to the right of the laundry room)

*Faints*  ;)

And the Final Room is The Adult Bedroom...
(Located on the bottom shelf to the right of the garage)

The headboard of the bed is a jewelry box lid....genius! :)
  I adore the rocking chair.

So, that concludes the tour of Julie's Doll Room. 
I'm sad to see it end, but you will see some of your favorite character's from Doll Drama in her doll room early next year. :) I still can't believe it! So much to look forward to. 

I posted replies to everyone's comments and am caught up...finally! lol

Forgive any glaring grammatical errors as I am running on no sleep. I hope everyone had a spectacular holiday!! 

Dolly hugs to all! (^_^)
-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

May you find yourselves blessed...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for being so kind and supportive. Many of you have enriched my life so much in the last few months that I cannot help but be grateful. I pray that each of you have a blessed and happy holiday. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving I hope your day is filled with smiles and precious moments too! :)

The third and final installment of the tour will be posted this Friday. I will respond to everyone's comments soon. Thank you for the continued support and I apologize for the delay in my replies. I am trying to play catch up. :) Please bare with me.

Oh, and on a last note. I entered the photo contest. I hope the following photos give each of you a chuckle. But remember, if you are going out on "Black Friday", please be SAFE!! No object is worth your life or the lives of others.

Thanks for following all of my doll antics! :) 
-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Part Two of The Dream Doll Room :)

Before I get started I just want to state how amazing it was to get over 300 blog views between the hours of midnight and 4am! :D How neat is that? I feel so blessed being able to share Julie's hard work with individuals from all over the world! Many of you have stated that it is like you're there walking through, and I wanted so much for each of you to view it in that way. It is like a museum. What I didn't mention in my last post is that Julie invited A Doll Affinity to shoot an episode of Doll Drama in her spectacular doll room!! It will be sometime early next year, as we agreed that waiting until after the holidays is best. :) No worries, I will let you know when that episode is on its way. And Episode 14 should be on its way within the next two weeks. I have to get some characters and props. 

Alright, let's continue to view the amazing...

To kick off Part Two of the tour we will be viewing the corner shelf that is directly to the left of where we ventured in  the last post.

 And yes, you can and do get lost in this little corner of 1/6 paradise! :)

We Start with a continuance, and the final installment of "Antiques and Treasures".

I looked through this area for awhile! I'm sure each of you see why. These 3 pictures are in order from left to right. This is all one diorama on the top level of the corner shelf.

The glass cases are such a classic touch.

Look at the little dolls, on the top shelf, behind the shoppers!

The second shelf is mind blowing. Prepare yourself!
"Second Time's A Charm! Resale Boutique":)

 Again, you will notice the genius use of candle holders! :)

Now we arrive at the 3rd shelf down...
 Again, these are from the left to the right of the dioramas.

 You can sort of see the track lighting, I mentioned in the last post, in the picture above.
 How warm and inviting is this? :) 

 The 4th and final diorama in the corner shelf...

 Just when you think the details couldn't be more eye popping...they are! :)

 I love the covered wagon shelf. 

The following 2 set ups are on top of this diorama shelf... 

Now, onto a shelf display she has placed next to her stunning doll cabinet. I didn't get a picture of it in it's entirety, so I will show you the few shelves I did get pictures of. Such a neat display idea for those of us that don't have a lot of space. :)  

I loved her art studio idea. From the realistic paintings to the little paint sets, this lovely artist is ready to create! :) 

This is the 2nd shelf in this unit... neat isn't it? :)

And this is the last shelf I got a decent picture of.  So cute!! When I saw it I completely broke out into saying, "awww". :) 
Well, that is all for the Part Two installment! Stay tuned for the Part Three Finale of the tour.
Thank you to all of my new followers and friends for being so encouraging!!

May you be blessed and smiling upon viewing/reading this.  :)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity