Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Mini Fashion Show...

Thanks to our fellow doll blogger April, I acquired some really fun/versatile pieces of doll clothes. If you aren't following her blog yet, you should! She regularly posts items for trade/sale. Plus, she's a really sweet person. (^_^)

So, in honor of these new arrivals...

I decided to dress up some of my girls to show what some of these pieces are capable of.
One of my favorite things about Fashion dolls is the fashion! 

First, we have the lovely Sia modeling the tights and necklace...

 She is modeling in my alternative clothing store. ;) 

 Sia has always been on the sassy/diva side...

 Gee whiz that peanut can came in handy... ;)

 Model: Barbie Basics Collection 1 Model 9 on a Fashionistas Raquelle body
Hat: Barbie Love Frank Sinatra
Necklace (which could also be a belt): Goth Stardoll
White Top: Barbie Basics Jeans Model 1
Skirt: Top Model Hair Wear Barbie
Black vest: Handmade by me using a MyFroggyStuff tutorial
Bracelets: 2 are Mattel and the black/white one I made
Comic book style tights: So In Style Rocawear Trichelle Doll
Boots: Fashion Fever 
Purse: Possibly Bratz not too sure

Next up, still modeling in my alternative clothing store is, Amelia....
 I always loved this gal. She is such a cutie. 

 This outfit has attitude even with her sweet expression. 

Model:  Speed Racer Trixie Barbie on a Barbie Loves Elvis Body
Glasses: Barbie Basics Target Accessory pack Look 2
Necklace: Dollar store bracelet for little girls
Jacket: Liv 
Bracelets: Various Mattel
Top: So In Style Rocawear Trichelle
Jeans: Barbie Basics 2.5 Model 14
Purse: Not sure. It might be handmade. 
Shoes: Barbie Basics Accessory pack 2 Look 1
Last, is Mira, and she is modeling in my other clothing store,
"The Perfect Fit"... 

 No flash on this one. Gives it an interesting effect.

 She really is Pretty in Pink.. ;) 

 Model: Goddess of Spring Barbie on a Pop Life Kelly body
Earring, ring,silver necklace, and ring: Various Mattel 
Bracelet: Made by me
Long Necklace: Dollar store little girls bracelet
Shoes: Integrity Candi 
Purse: Fashion Fever
Tights: Mattel Ballerina fashion pack
Skirt: My Scene
Jacket and top: Mattel

That concludes my fashion show. (^_^) 

Play on and create my friends!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Mira is a serious stunner but all those girls are rocking their new duds!!

    I absolutely adore the newsprint leggings! I am seriously distracted by that beautiful boutique you've got going on!! I need to see more of that!

    1. Thank you!! I lucked out with Mira. She is generally a VERY expensive Barbie, but I got her for $13 on a Model Muse body.

      And I have wanted those leggings since the first time I spotted them. They look fabulous with reds too. I have more picture of my mall throughout my blog. However, I update it and change it around like you would a real store. lol

      Here are some older links where you can see more of my mall (though much has been added/changed):

  2. These are all so such lovely sets they are full of style!

    1. Thank you Liz! (^_^) Such an awesome compliment coming from someone with such a good eye for detail.

  3. Nice show! I loved the outfits. I really loved the models!

  4. Thanks for the fashion show. I always love seeing what you come up with. Great idea using the kid bracelets for necklaces.

    1. I definitely thought of you while shooting these. Very happy you enjoyed it. :)

  5. Ok, I love all three of your girls and their fashion sense! Those comic leggings are FANTASTIC! I love it combined with the Sinatra hat XD

    Such absolutely beautiful girls :)

    1. I LOVE the comic leggings too. I have really wanted them for a long while now. Oh who am I kidding? I love dolly leggings. lol And hats in general make me ever so happy too.

      Thank you so much for the great compliments! :)

    2. Gah, I have a serious thing for hats and handbags... LOL (for dolls... for me, it's just the handbags, LOL)

      Also! You won our little giveaway, but I need your email! Feel free to email me your address at

      and Pita will excitedly get things packed up for you, and probably throw in some little extras.

  6. I really like the Rocawear t-shirt that Amelia wears. Your dioramas look very realistic.

    1. Thank you so much! (^_^) I am actually updating the mall...again.

  7. Hello from Spain: I love your alternative clothing store. I love Amelia's face. It is different from the rest. The clothes you bought to April is very interesting. I follow your blog and thanks to your recommendations. Thanks again and keep in touch with blog blog

    1. I love Amelia's face too. Very unique indeed. Thank you for your thoughtful and constructive comment!! :)

  8. Wow!! You have a really good taste for fashion!! I love all the outftits that you suggested here and I'm crazy for the Barbie Love Frank Sinatra Hat!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! (^_^) I just love trying crazy new things with my dollies, as fashion is indeed something I love.

  9. Fantastic fashion show! I like the idea that you change up the content in your stores... and that you have stores!

    1. Thanks! Well, believe it or not, I'm changing it again. HUGE overhaul this time.

  10. Thanks for the fashion shows and you right they are great, versatile pieces. I think I have a shrug like that around here somewhere.

    1. Oh shrugs are fantastic! I collect them! Thank you for commenting Brini! :)

  11. Nice styling! Loved Amelia's outfit.

    1. Thank you! (^_^) I thought she could use a pop of color. You always make such beautiful use of color on your girls.