Friday, April 20, 2012

Facebook Page...FINALLY!?!

This is just a quick note to everyone stating that I have officially gone to the Facebook side of things. I'm everywhere else...right? Well, I don't Twitter or  is that Tweet.....? 

SO, if all of you lovely and spectacular individuals want EVEN more updates on what I am up to, I am going to use Facebook to announce it. A one stop for everything related to A Doll Affinity's antics. 

Yay! ...or something that equates to a "yay!"   (I hope..)

Please come show your support and say hello so I can "like" you in return! (^_^) 
Here is the link:  CLICK HERE!

And finally, a couple more shameless picture plugs of the newest girl to join my doll family...

She just doesn't take a bad picture! (^_^)

Hope everyone is well!! Much more on the way....

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Added! Your new girl is beautiful!!

  2. Your new girl is fantastic... and thankfully... another new girl will finally be making her way to you to, they found her, LOL... sweet jeebus.

  3. Added ya! Welcome to the fb madness :)

  4. Gorgeous girl and pic. I'm not a FB fan, so please don't forget about us on here. Lol! Have a lovely Friday Cat!

  5. Hello from Spain: Thanks for reporting your Facebook page. I have no account on Facebook so I'll follow your blog. I find iteasier to blog. Your new doll is precious. I did not know she was originally a siren. I love it. Keep in touch.

  6. TGIF I dont't have Facebook either so I'll stay in touch on ur blog I am really loving that hair color on her !

  7. I'm on FB so I "liked" your page. You can "like" mine back, if you have the interest ;-D

  8. New girl has quite a vampish look. Very lovely.

  9. Congrats on Facebook! I can't check another thing on the computer. It is too much for me to keep up with! I am gld for you! New doll looks great too!