Friday, September 14, 2012

DOTW Princess of Japan Barbie Reroot (^_^)

As many of you know I have been re-rooting several of my own dolls recently. 
I have wanted the Princess of Japan Barbie FOREVER!! A couple weeks ago I finally won her NIB on eBay for $20 shipped. Her face is perfect! (No off set eyes and crappy face paint! Woo hoo!)

I quickly purchased her a 27cm Obitsu body (the cheapest model, $23 shipped, in the "white" skin tone).
Her complexion is WAY too pale for the "Sinatra" or "Elvis" pivotal bodies.
I have 3 gals on Obitsu bodies due to this. I know some Integrity bodies would match, but they are a small fortune....AND they have less articulation. 
If you are interested in checking out these "Obitsu" bodies I keep blabbing on about...

They are shorter than most Barbie dolls.

An example of this....
***Warning bad quality photo ahead***
That is "Sakura" aka Princess of Japan in the middle.  Personally, I think the shorter stature makes her more of a character. 
(I'm a tall person, and I still feel this way.) 

A closer, and clearer picture of what Sakura looked like before I got a wild look in my eye, and ripped all of her hair out. 

Gorgeous, isn't she? 

I just loved her face SO much that I couldn't bring myself to leave her as a stiff display doll.
She needed some life breathed into her.

When my doll hair order came in there was a color I bought just to see it up close. 
I soon realized whose hair it was meant to be, and this happened...
I realize that I don't often show many "in progress shots". 
Usually my madness takes over to such a level that I space taking pictures of the process. 
As you see from the above pictures she has an odd hairline.
(She also had sideburns.)
So I erased them using Pure Acetone *scary stuff*....
 Better! (^_^)

Then the paint and sealer was put on so her scalp would semi-match her hair...

It wasn't as shiny as this picture depicts.

After a good amount of drying it was time to "plug" away. 

Yes, her head is on a plate. I pre-tied 450 plugs for her re-root. 
Though, I did not end up using them all. She took 2 days to complete. 
The hair color is "Red red wine" and it is Saran. 

After many hours of good music, and slightly sore fingers, she was finished!!

I will be trimming her hair and evening up the ends in the near future. 
But now, she has charisma!! (^_^)

And just to remind everyone of what she looked like before....

Beautiful either way. 
Maybe one day I will buy another for display. 


May each of you be blessed!!!

A HUGE THANKS to all of you who comment, blog, play, and keep in touch even when I am terrible about keeping up on replies!!! 
I sincerely appreciate each of you with all my heart. 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Beautiful once again!!! It's YOU YOU that cost me sooooooo much money!!! I think I am gonna start preordering anything you make because I ALWAYS seem to want one. I am like some kind of crazy copy cat or something. I have NEVER even considered buying that doll until now. It's YOUR fault!!! LOL darn enablers!!!

    Great body choice by the way. I love the obitsu girls. My hubby does too because I usually buy the bodies with the "big knockers" as he calls them. :)

  2. Wow, she's just gorgeous. The red really suits her. And thanks for showing the in-progress photos! Now I know how many plugs I should realistically be making for reroots! Maybe I'll get the gumption to work on my baldies!

  3. Wow! Great job. It looks like you did alot of work but the outcome is well worth it! Congratz!

  4. Sakura is stunning! I just love your collection of gals. Love what you said about shortness, Shortness FTW! :)

  5. That red hair is rocking!! She looks great.

  6. She was gorgeous but now she is superb!! I love her new look! I didn't know the obitsu bodies, thank you for the link!

  7. I have an obitsu body bought on Ebay and I know what you mean, it has great articulations! I have only decide which of my heads will be replace on it.. Sakura is so gorgeous with her new look!! You've been inspired by the trendy girls in Shibuya?

  8. Such a beautiful change. The very first doll in your photo looks like she is wearing a Xena Conqueror gown.

  9. Thank you for posting this, I have the same doll, and would like to do the same for her ^.^