Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Fever: Introducing the talented Asavina!

(Aylah and Nana modeling dresses by Asavina.)

As an artist, I feel it is so important to spread the word about other artists. 


So, today I bring you the talented Asavina.
I decided to do a few photo shoots with clothes she has made. 
Some of you have asked about certain pieces that have already been showcased in past photos.

Without further babbling I give you the product of today's photo shoots....

 She made the ADORABLE hats, and the dresses! <3 <3 <3

(Gillian and Madeline model dresses and a hat made by Asavina.)

For some reason these two made me think of artsy club kids. 0.0

(Yes, I took the "club kid" thing a lil' further....)

(This dress has also been worn in another photo as a top.)

Speaking of Asavina dresses you may have already seen...

 (This is one of my personal favs. Desiree models it beautifully.)

Below is the hat that came with the above yellow dress.
I didn't have time to pair it with anything, so Nana was sweet enough to showcase it.
(All of her hats tend to be AMAZING! Best part is, you can find cute, affordable hats in your size when you visit her Etsy shop. The link is at the end of this post.)

And the last dress you may have already seen was on the crazy blonde (Sammy) during Brini's package opening.

But I felt this dress deserved a better presentation than the one Sammy gave.
Now this girl knows how to wear a dress like a lady!

Next is a dress modeled on my Barbie doppelgänger "Cat" (another mini me)...
She is the only Barbie I have ever found that resembles me even remotely.
I find it kind of creepy...
Onto the dress....

The last dress is modeled on the lovely Kelis...

(This shot really makes me think that Kelis is heading toward
Studio 54 or making an appearance on Soul Train.)

Check out the back...
 (I admit that she had to be squeezed into this dress. Totally worth it.)
Beautiful, Strong, and Fierce!
 Asavina still has a few of this style listed in different colors.

 But her talents aren't limited to dresses and hats...

(She made the stunning blue jacket in this picture. Modeled on a re-root that has since traveled to Italy.)

What I love about her work, is that it is well made, and AFFORDABLE!
In the doll hobby that is invaluable.
I know her as "Asavina" on
However, I have also seen her using  the name...

"S.L. Fashion Artique"

So, be sure to look for her using that name, as well as "Asavina". 

You can buy her creations at the following links:

Asavina's Dollpage

Asavina's Etsy

You can see pictures of her lovely creations (past and present) at the following links:

Asavina's Facebook (be sure to like her and spread the word!)

Asavina's Flickr

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting yet another talented doll artist!


May this find each of you blessed with a heart full of joy!

For those of you who have recently subscribed...

-Cat of A Doll Affinity (=^.^=)


  1. Hello from Spain, i love Savina creations. Your collection about Barbies is awesome. I love hats. Nice pics. Congratulations. Keep in touch

    1. She really does make such adorable outfits! (^_^) And thank you for the lovely comment about my collection. My girls and I love hats too!!

  2. Christie: OOOOH! These are so beautiful! I love the rainbow one and the green one and omg, they're all amazing!!! :) I'm rushing over to the etsy shop right now!

    1. Thank you Christie! I have no doubt you will look beautiful in whichever one you buy/wear! (^_^)

  3. Oh awesome! I want them all!

    Now what I need is to find his credit card.....

    1. Oh my!! I hope you are careful!

  4. Wow, beautiful work! And great styling Cat!

    1. I really love solid color pieces I can accessorize as crazy as I please. (^_^) And thank you for stopping in to comment. I love seeing you around! *hugs*

  5. Your photos are truly lovely, Cat. I enjoyed seeing Asavina’s work showcased. That blue jacket (shug) is gorgeous.

    1. With that compliment coming from you (the extremely talented) Ro, I could just faint! Thank you so much!! (^_^) I had a lot of fun showcasing her work, and hope to showcase the work of even more doll artists in the future. And I get a lot of use from that shrug! I made necklaces just to swap in and out for different looks because of that lil' shrug.

  6. Beautiful pictures and the clothes are lovely. You girls wear them so well. But then with a master styler such as yourself, how can they go wrong.

    1. Aw! Thank you Vanessa. (^_^) I've been having fun with doll photography lately, and I'm glad others are enjoying it. And I hardly feel like a master when it comes to styling, but I'm certainly not afraid to play with new/different concepts. Dressing dolls is so much fun!

  7. You enabler! XD Your going to make me break open the bank for one of these knits! Haha! The knits are very stylish and modern, and all your gals wear them well. The Katniss doll does seem to make a great doppleganger for you! Hmm, maybe I should dig 'round for my doppelganger. I'm sure she's here somewhere...

    1. Sorry about the whole enabling thing...I am starting to think it is part of our hobby! (^_^) Thank you so much for the great comment. These knits really are wonderful. If you buy just one, it won't break the bank. ;) lol And I want to see your doppleganger!!!

  8. Lovely pieces! I adore her hats. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you Adrian!! (^_^) The hats are making me want to learn to bad. And thank you again for stopping in and commenting!

  9. WOW! I love them all but I must say, Ms. Nikki is slayin' it! Gorgeous ladies and love the styling.

    1. Thank you Tracy!! (^_^) Yes, she is a show STEALER! And she never takes a bad picture. Wonderful to see a comment from you! *hugs*