Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Have Issues.

Last weekend I decided it was time to purge some doll items. 
I took out the shirt drawer and proceeded to dump all the little baggies into the center of a 4ft table. 
The above photograph depicts that moment. 
I crammed a doll into the pile so you could see just how huge the shirt pile was. 


I also discovered (though I already suspected) that my dress collection runneth over. 

I might also add that I have another large drawer full of gowns and fantasy style dresses. 
They are not pictured here. -_-

There were no pictures taken of my pants/shorts/capris/skirts and jackets. 
The piles are large but not nearly as daunting as the shirts and dresses. 
You'll be thrilled to know I did get rid of a few baggies full of stuff, so the piles are a lil' more manageable.  

Moments like these really set me back a bit. 
Pulling out one random doll clothes item and looking at it like a bad ex. 
Then you gasp,
"What WAS I thinking?!"

Yeah, it was a little bit just like that. ;)  


Now for the Bonus material...
The doll below has SOLD. Thank you!  ^_^

 She was part of my personal collection.
Formerly a DOTW  Philippines Barbie.
If you follow me on Flickr you might have seen her here.

While she was part of my collection I called her Mila.

 I hope the end of Summer is treating everyone well!

Until next time...
(A Doll Affinity)


  1. Haha, I am laughing because if I were to do the same thing (dump all my doll clothes in a pile), I think my daughter could roll around in them as is they were the leaves you rake up in the fall! I need to do the same thing -- purge my clothing and my doll collection. Your Philippines doll is very pretty. Great job on the re-root!

    1. HAHA!!! The idea of dumping all my doll clothes (including the guy stuff I have) is enough to induce a panic attack! LOL And I have no doubt you know what I mean. The purging is really nice but the slow process of doing it, isn't. I do find myself appreciating what I really enjoy more when there isn't so much to fight through. That being said, you can do it! ;) And thank you so much for the compliment. I think she is lovely, but she isn't appreciated as much as she should be here. Too many girls to compete with.

  2. Mila is really pretty! Nice price especially since she is a reroot.

    1. Thank you!!! ^_^ Mila was definitely a doll I enjoyed working on. She has a sweet disposition to her. Probably one of the reasons she needs a new home. My funky bunch just scare the sweet ones away. Jerks. lol

  3. I see some beautiful pieces in there. I shouldn't even look when I have piles 3 - 4 times bigger than what you show there. I'm slowly but surely going through clothes. I'm a doll clothing hoarder I admit it, LOL. I have so many beautiful handmade pieces I need to take pictures of. I'm still keeping my eyes open for your clothing sale ;O)

    1. Thank you!! <3 You make me feel a lil' better. I LOVE doll clothes. I love them too much. I do hope to see you post pictures of your ooak pieces. I have several I treasure. <3 It's just so thrilling to find a unique ooak piece you just click with and that your dolls wear effortlessly. I will post an update when I get my butt in gear and take pics of the clothes being shipped off the island of misfit toys. lol ;)

    2. I need several items from pic with shirts!!!! *biting nails in anticipation*


    3. I should get some things listed this coming week. :) I hope I got rid of a couple pieces you might have use for. lol

  4. What a fantastic collection of doll clothes you have! The piles you photographed don't look especially big to me, but then again, I admit to being a) a hoarder of all doll-related things and b) an enabler of all doll-related things. I would looooove to see your fantasy dress collection, by the way.

    I have a larger than necessary collection of doll furniture and other doll house things, but my clothing pile is smallish -- it's getting to the point where I have more dolls than clothes (which has resulted in some flasher moments on the part of my gals, ha ha). But what I have a lot of... is fabric. Boxes and boxes and boxes. If I used it all to make doll clothes, the dolls would need their own human-sized wardrobe! Which would make them very happy, actually. ;)

    PS: Mila is beautiful! She looks like a sweet girl. <3

    1. Thank you! :) It's hard not to collect and hoard those adorable fashions. It doesn't look as big as it did in person. I guess the thing to consider is they were almost covering a 4ft table and are several layers deep. The dolls hiding in them aren't touching the bottom. lol It's a lil like Mahjong with doll clothes. ^_^ And to have a pile like that of shirts only....*shakes head* If I would have dumped all the doll clothes I have for the guys, gals, kids, would be a hell pit of clothes. Haha! ;)

      I have several large totes of furniture and it drives me nuts. But it is so hard to know what you will use sometimes.

      Oh the flasher dollies! haha!!! ;) Dolls can be tricky like that. I keep several baggies of underwear on hand for those situations. Although, some keep going commando. O.O

      Fabric is a different story. So much fabric can be acquired and you aren't sure how it happens. I think it becomes easier when you are sewing for 1/6. A little piece here and a little piece there and WHAMMY! You are now a fabric hoarder. lol ;) I love the cool purses and clothes you make! I might have a pdf pattern for 1/6 underwear around here somewhere if you're interested?

      And thank you for the compliment on Mila.<3

    2. I volunteer at a place called the Idea Store, which is like a thrift store for crafters, and recently I was made a Fabric Lady. This means I sort fabric and get first crack at most of the stuff that comes in. Also? We sell fabric for 2.50 per pound, so hoarding is soooo easy. Let me know if there's ever anything you're looking for. We get lace, velvet, ribbon, cotton fabrics, stretchy dance wear fabrics. It's insane.

      Thanks for the compliments on my dolly fashions! Oohhh, an underwear PDF would definitely come in handy. If you have one for a chastity belt, even better! ;)

    3. You might have just become my new and most dangerous best friend! LOL ;) I love polka dots and am always on the look out for small prints. Not a fan of pink unless it's very pale or understated by other colors. I like cotton and stretch fabrics. Nothing too bulky. If you ever see anything like that, let me know. ;) And thank you for offering to keep a look out for me! You rock! ^_^

      And I don't think I have a chastity belt pattern...but I will definitely look around for the underwear pdf. lol :) Oh! You could add a little lock detail to the underwear maybe?