Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tokidoki Barbie Inspiration Revisited ^_^

(She was a 2015 Asian Fashionista Barbie doll before her re-root. )

So, with all the craziness surrounding the latest Tokidoki Barbie release, 
I decided to make my own version for fun. 
 I cannot explain why, but when I re-root using fantasy colors the re-root seems less monotonous.  
This doll was no exception. 

She received a partial re-paint and a full re-root in 3 saran colors. 

Styling her was relatively easy, because I had just purchased this cute 
Tokidoki top by the talented Yvonne AtTinyLiving
She still has some really adorable items in stock! 

Stripped bare and showing off her hair! O.O
Here you can see the blue on one side, pale yellow on the other, with streaks of light pink throughout.

The dreaded part. I think the part took longer to complete than the entire re-root. 
Working with light hair colors requires a lot more attention to coverage and detail. 
Yay for extra work! 
Wait, no. ;)

She also got a mani to match the new hair .

And at long last, the close up. 
I urge you to enlarge this picture to see the detail. 
She has apricot and blue eye shadow on, and a lighter lip color. 
Yet another doll I am sad to see go. 
But she'll have a lovely new home, and I bought a second one of these to customize in different colors for my own collection. 

I am so behind on blog posts but I am trying to catch up. 
I have at least 4 more planned and started that you should see within the next couple of weeks. 
I'm really back this time!  
I've missed ALL OF YOU!!!


Have a totally amazing weekend!

(And her dolly horde...) 


  1. Hi Cat, you made a wonderful version, I love her!!! Great job :-)!!!

    1. Thank you so much Linda!!! <3 I'm happy you enjoyed her! ^_^

  2. Another gorgeous doll! I think she is in the top 3 faves of what you have done. So glad you are back.

    1. Aww! Thank you Vanessa, that is awesome! ^_^ I'm glad to be back! <3

  3. I'm sure her new owner will love her; you did a great job. I keep thinking I should try re-rooting, and then I remind myself that I already have enough projects I want to complete.

    1. Thank you Barb! :) Re-rooting is pretty time consuming and a lot more goes into it them some realize. But I always encourage others to give it at least one go, because it's always fun to try something new that you might potentially enjoy. I do hear you on the too many projects you want to complete. I forced myself to purge several I knew I would never get to. lol Thank you again for the great comment! <3

  4. Simply gorgeous! I love how you did her eyelashes! I am sure that her new owner will be thrilled to get her!

    1. Thank you Phyllis!!! ^_^ Painted eyelashes make me SUPER nervous. lol I was pleasantly surprised they turned out looking more natural. My research didn't go to waste. ;)

  5. She is lovely and even more lovely than the Tokidoki that everyone didn't get. :( Get some nail stickers/tattoos and you have your own custom tokidoki- she's gorgeous. I love painting tattoos on a doll, it is fun, I've done it on my restored Flavva male doll and a customized raquelle. She has a softness the mattel Tokis do not have.

    1. Thank you Lisa! :) Nail stickers are a great idea! It's amazing the nail stuff you can find to use on a doll! So you have pics of your customized Flava and Raquelle?

  6. She looks awesome! The reroot and repaint are very nice!! Glad to have you back! Oh, and I love her outfit!

  7. I hope I will do the same with my doll. She is very very very beautiful. I realy like it.

    1. Thank you very much! :) I'm sure your dolly will turn out gorgeous!! <3

  8. wow you do some incredible doll customs :-)

  9. nawet makija┼╝ ma jak rasowa Kotka!