Thursday, March 10, 2016

Boys and Curls, May I Have Your Attention, Please? ;)

I recently completed a commission that allowed me to experiment with a new medium. 
Okay, it isn't new, but it isn't something I have used for flocking before. 
The base doll for this project was a Hunger Games Finnick Ken.

Here is his disembodied head also sometimes referred to as a before shot.
I'd say, judging from his expression, he isn't feeling the before picture.

Oddly, I think he's feeling this look.

I flocked both sides in a very fine black glitter. 
It went everywhere.
 I should've donned a mask, but I had no idea the sparkling death my lungs would incur. 
Still, it looks pretty don't you think? 

For a guy who has glitter on both sides of his head, he looks serious. 

I'd like to point out that neither of us happens to be magicians.
His shirt was changed to gray using Photoshop.  ;)

Bonus project!
For those of you who may not recognize the gal in the above picture, she is a Tris Divergent Barbie doll.
I liked her original look. 
But you know I'm a sucker for longer hair when it comes to my dolls.  
So, this transformation may not surprise you. 

I re-named her Clara, and she is wearing another beautiful creation from HautePoppet.

I know a lot of individuals aren't thrilled with the new Made to Move Barbie bodies.
But I LOVE them!
The range of motion coupled with the affordability is a win/win for me.

On an unrelated note,
 I have officially dropped the "A" and will now be known as "Doll Affinity" instead.
 I will be changing out logos reflecting the new and subtle name change soon-ish.

May this find you happy and smiling,
*~*~*Cat and her dolly horde*~*~*


  1. Wow, that is quite a change for the HG Finnick! Curls and glitter. At first, I didn't think I would like it, but after I saw his finished photo and how you dressed him, I kind of think this suits him! Your re-rooted Tris on the Made to Move body looks awesome! I know at first, there were concerns about the exposed joints, but I think once people got the MtM dolls and saw how much more expressive these bodies are, the vast majority of collectors who play with their dolls love the body. I am in that camp. I love the MtM bodies and have rebodied several dolls on that body already.

    1. Thank you!!! ^_^ When I was first approached with the commission I had no idea how he would turn out, but I was excited to find out. :) It's neat to see what can happen outside of the box with different dolls. <3
      As for the MtM bodies, I think they should change the thigh articulation. However, even with that, I won't stop using/buying them. They really are just so much fun to pose. :) Thank you for your exceptional comment Phyllis!!

  2. Oh wow, glitter flocking! I love how that turned out (although I can imagine that didn't feel good to inhale).

    1. Thank you! ^_^ And the glitter was all over the place. lol Lesson learned. ;)

  3. Both dolls look so much better after your treatment! Especially the boy - the "before" look doesn't do anything for me. And where have you heard of people not liking MTM? They are the best looking poseable bodies!

    1. Thank you!! The before never did anything for me either. I always thought the doll had potential, but I was never sure what to do with it. I saw people complaining on Facebook about not liking the visible joints on the MTM bodies. I think they are amazing! They remind my a lot of the joints on Obitsu bodies, which never bothered me either. People will always find something wrong with everything. Especially on FB. lol On a happy note, I found your Facebook page recently, and I am really enjoying it!

    2. I noticed you on my page, it's so flattering for someone like me to be followed by someone like you :) I think the MTM bodies have the least objectionable double joints. I wish they designed a MTM boy as well.

    3. That is super sweet of you to say, but I'm not anyone special. I'm crazy flattered that you would even think so. <3 Seriously, thank you. And those bodies are wonderful. I hope they give us a MTM Ken too! ^_^

  4. They always looks so much better. I'm thinking my Cara needs to come see you.

  5. Thank you Brini!! <3 Cara would be welcome to come see me. :)

  6. I totally get your comment about glitter - I regularly have to sweep my sewing table after using glitter fabric, I can just imagine what your work space would be like after glitter flocking. But worth it - he looks so good. So does Tris. I like her both ways and can't say which I prefer. But I'm with you about the MtM bodies, they are wonderfully expressive, particularly for the price.

    1. I cannot imagine having to deal with glitter on a regular basis. O.o You're pretty rad for pulling that off and not causing yourself permanent lung/eye damage. Seriously. ;)
      Thank you so much! I liked Tris in her original conception as well. Curiosity got the best of me though. And the Made to Move dolls have enhanced my collection, and the collections of others, by leaps and bounds! <3

  7. I like how he shines! My sister boyfriend flocked his beard with glitters this past Christmas.
    I have the first Tris, she's on a pivotal body now and I called her Kayla, she joined the pivotal Barbie world I'm building for my future glass cabinet

    1. Thank you!! <3 I have seen pictures of people making their beard all glittery! ^_^ It looks really neat!
      Kayla is another good name for that Tris doll. She has such a lovely countenance. I can't wait to see what you come up with in your future glass cabinet!

  8. I love what you do! Great styling too!