Doll Drama Character Profiles

~Character Profiles~

*~*The Girls*~*

Name: Sienna

Relationship Status: Newly Single

Family Details: She was raised by her mother, a business driven firecracker.  The only details Sienna has in regards to her father are that he worked with her mother, and that they conceived her during a one night stand at an office party.  Her mother refuses to divulge anymore, because she feels Sienna is better off not knowing.  Sienna is an only child. 

Occupation: Sienna is the Creative Director at Contemporary Edge, a growing television network that showcases the latest trends in music, fashion, and cinema. She has worked very hard to get where she is in her career, and plans to do nothing short of work her way to the top. 

More About Me:  Nahla is her best friend, and has been since childhood. The girls spent many nights dreaming about what they would be when they grew up.  Now that the “growing up” part has started, they meet with more than their fair share of trouble.   

Name: Nahla

Relationship Status: Newly Married to Darius 

Family Details: Nahla comes from a big family with several siblings. In her home, privacy didn’t exist, but love was abundant. Her parents are still happily married.  One day having a family of her own is important to Nahla. 

Occupation: She works as a photographer. Her work history has many gaps, and she tends to go where the wind takes her. Structurally speaking, she has no structure.

More About Me: Nahla has a very “in the moment” attitude when it comes to life.  This is sharply contrasted next to her best friend Sienna’s structured and driven manner.   She often times finds herself in strange situations and acts before she thinks. Nahla has a good heart, but her intentions can come off as a bit misplaced.

Name: Nana

Relationship Status: Single

Family Details: Nana was adopted by a generous and good natured married couple when she was still a baby.  Tyrese is her older adopted bother.  One day Nana wishes to seek out her birth parents, as she knows very little about them. 

Occupation: Nana is Sienna’s assistant, and does small modeling jobs on the side.  She loves fashion, and modeling gives her an excuse to be near the object of her affection, Haven. 

More About Me:  Nana always does her best to look out for those she loves and values. Even if that means she ends up with the “short stick”.  She’s had a crush on Haven since he kept her from getting beat up back in middle school.  Nana tends to second guess when it comes to her self-esteem, as she desperately wishes to fit in, and make those around her happy. 

Name: Persephone

Relationship Status: Divorced (currently single)

Family Details: She comes from a wealthy family where money is love, and communication is settled with dollar signs. She has a sister, and both girls were raised to pursue money and success. Persephone’s sister has her own successful law firm, and their parents aren’t shy about how disappointed they are that Persephone is just co-director at Contemporary Edge. They aren’t easily impressed, and she tries desperately to jump through their hoops hoping to garner their love. 

Occupation: Co-Creative Director at Contemporary Edge Television. 

More About Me: Persephone has a tendency to want what she either can’t, or shouldn’t have. Of course, this never stops her.  Her ex-husband divorced her, and it was quite messy.  Persephone is in the process of rebuilding her life and her self-worth.  She hired Darius to keep her company and then fell in love.  However, he married his girlfriend Nahla, and canceled their “arrangement”.  Needless to say, Persephone can’t let it go…

Name: Claudia 

Relationship Status: Dating Adrian (Nahla’s older brother)

Family Details: Persephone is her younger sister. She has always been the “golden” child of the two and she is fully aware of it. 

Occupation: A lawyer at her own law firm.

More About Me: Claudia makes a good lawyer because she is good at playing dirty. Claudia gets what Claudia wants. In fact, she makes Persephone seem tame and normal in comparison. The thing about Claudia’s deception is that most people are fully unaware of her ability to go at any lengths necessary to get what she wants. She loves a high class life and won’t settle for less. Money, power, and her plan...make her happy, and that’s what she strives for.  No matter who falls into her path and is crushed beneath her iron fist.  Even Persephone doesn’t realize she shouldn’t trust her sister. Poor Persephone.

Name Kiko

Relationship Status: She says she is "Single". I'm not so sure she is, and neither is Haven.

Family Details She is Haven's younger sibling, and was raised by very traditional (strict Japanese) parents.  Her and Haven have an awesome brother sister bond. She is very proud of him and not afraid to show off her "kick-ass" older brother. Although, when she sees him screwing up where the ladies are concerned, she puts him in his place.

Occupation: Kiko travels around the world as a cosplay model. (Good looks didn't fall far from the tree). 
More About Me  Kiko is a spunky 20 something who knows how to have fun. She, like her brother, models. But for her it is all about anime and cosplay. Where he does more mainstream modeling she takes the alternative odd jobs modeling offers. She stays with Haven when she isn't traveling all over the world for work. Kiko has been known to date men or women. She has never seen love in terms of gender. For her, it's about the person. But don't tell her parents any of this, as they would disapprove, severely.

Name: Chandra

Relationship Status: Married to Nathaniel 

Family Details: Chandra is one of Nahla’s sisters. She is older than Nahla, and they have a good relationship. Although Chandra doesn’t always understand where her younger sister is coming from, she still manages to communicate with Nahla well.  Chandra has one biological daughter, Tiana, with Nathaniel. Nathaniel has a son from a previous relationship that Chandra treats no different than her own. However, Nathaniel’s son, Markus, has a tendency to be hyper active and disrespectful. 

Occupation: She is an assistant manager at “The Perfect Fit” clothing store. 

More About Me: Chandra likes her job and most of her co-workers. She takes pride in being a good mother and always staying strong for her family. Nathaniel is her rock through a lot, but he is tenderer of heart than she is. It works well, because they balance one another out.  They met when Nathaniel saved her dad’s life. He was one of the paramedics who responded when her dad suffered a mild heart attack. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

*~*The Guys*~*

Name:  Haven

Relationship Status: Single

Family Details: Haven was raised by strict Japanese parents. He has a younger sister that he is very close to and gets along well with. His parent’s disapprove of his choice to persue a modeling career. Although, now that he has become more successful, they don’t express their distaste as frequently. 

Occupation: Model

More About Me: Haven is good friends with Nahla, and is in love with Sienna. He tries to stay professional, but when he becomes too serious he feels he is aligning with what his parents would want. So, he rebels accordingly. Haven strives to be his own success story, and he works hard to achieve the personal goals he has set for himself. There is a distinct duality in Haven’s nature. Work and play lines sometimes blur when he is stressed, torn, or trapped. 

Name: Darius

Relationship Status: Newly Married to Nahla

Family Details: Darius was raised by his father, and never knew his mother. Teddy is his half-brother through their father. Darius was raised in low rent, low income housing, and taught from an early age how to turn tricks. He didn’t get to know his brother until they were of high school age, and it was Teddy who sought him out.  Their relationship tends to be strained.

Occupation: Darius recently stopped working as a professional escort for wealthy clients. He has been using the money to put himself through school to become a music studio engineer. 

More About Me:  Darius loves Nahla a great deal. She inspired him to stop playing the blame game in his life and start living. He never meant to fall in love with anyone, and had always carried the title of Casanova with pride. Then he met Nahla. She accepted him, and never expected him to be anything but himself. She appreciated him just being near, never demanding he do anything but smile. Darius is willing to fight to make things right between them. He knows he was in the wrong, and isn’t seeking to make excuses for his less than savory behavior. 

Name:  Teddy

Relationship Status: Newly Single

Family Details:  Teddy was raised by his mother, and had no contact with his father growing up. He sought out his half-brother, Darius, when they were both in their late teens. His mother worked several jobs to raise him, and due to her hard work they lived comfortably. After Teddy became a Doctor he strived to repay his mother and give his brother a fresh start. He has a hard time understanding how Darius can be so irresponsible at his age, but keeps trying to build a bond with him despite their differences. 

Occupation: He is a doctor and will be relocating to pursue his dream job at a hospital in New York. 

More About Me: Teddy loves Sienna and had wanted her to be his wife. She saw things differently, and somewhere in the rush of drama between Darius and Nahla they were pulled apart.  He isn’t sure yet if he is willing to turn his back on Sienna despite what she says. They have a lot of history, and he knows there must be more to her upset than what he was made aware of. Teddy and Sienna are similar except when it comes to the curve balls life throws. She tends to feel cornered, then over reacts while he tries to stay calm and rationally communicate what the problem is.

Name:  Tyrese 

Relationship Status: Single 

Family Details: Tyrese was adopted when he was 2 years old, and is Nana’s older adopted sibling. He loves both of his adopted parents, and has no desire to find his biological family at this time. Tyrese is very close with his adopted mother and Nana. He values family and friends a great deal because of his adoptive parents. 

Occupation: Tyrese owns and operates his own bakery. 

More About Me: He is self-made, and good natured, with a touch of adventure thrown in.  


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  2. D7ana- Thank you for taking the time to look through them. I have a few other profiles written up, just need to get more pictures taken. :) Again thank you for the compliment!!

  3. This helps tremendously to keep up with who is related to who and who is dating/married to whom.

    1. I agree! I sometimes have to check back here to remember where I was in the big dramatic scheme of things. lol Is that bad?