Sunday, August 26, 2012

More sewing.....working on Etsy....

So, this feels like such a SLOW process. lol I am actually sewing at least once per day. Many successful things have come out of it. But because I am picky, only a few have been good enough for the store so far.  I am making progress!!!

Here are two more outfits that will be available once the store opens
 (fingers crossed that will be in a week or two).

The goal, thus far, is to get 5 more listings ready....

I will stock the store depending on what seems to sell, as I want to give people things they will actually like. The point of me opening this store is to share some of my doll fashion stuff with others. (^_^)

I will post another blog within a couple days to showcase things that did not make it into the store, but that I may integrate later with some tweaks. 

Hope you are all well!!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tyrese is on the move.....

That's right ladies and gentleman...Tyrese is now an articulated man. 
A baker that can now get around the kitchen. 
No more one sided hugs or forced camera angles for this movin' groovin' stud.
 Too much? O.O

 (with flash)

He was placed on the new Back to Brooklyn Remi body. 
And no, it was not initially a match. Not at all. 
I actually painted and shaded his face until I got a close match.
This was accomplished with MANY THIN THIN layers of paint and make up sponges.
 (tons of extender was lost in the process...haha.) 
My "matte" sealer made him shiny, so I had to ruin the finish with paper I am going to take white computer paper to the surface (it is kind of like super duper gentle sand paper. At least it works that way for me in this case.)

No, he is not (in my PICKY opinion) perfect. 
But, he has a close match Fashion Royalty Homme body that can actually pose!
He really is more appealing, and has this sense of realism that he didn't even come close to before his makeover.

Yes, lest we not forget his "Before".....

 Handsome, but....

Not THIS...
 (diffused light no flash)


Apparently the following picture reminded my sister and me of the "Old Spice" guy...

Yes, we went there.
(click to read it.) 

You're welcome. (^_~)

I'm still sewing wildly over here.  Is there even another way to be creative?
So many things to do so little time...
*yadda yadda*  (^_~)

I just want to say the following, because it never becomes irrelevant. 
You are the most AMAZING people....thank you for still checkin' in on my little universe. 

 Yes, even YOU non-hugger.....I see you.....and you will be mind hugged. 

Crazier than ever and loving every minute of it, 
-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Official.....

Etsy is in my near future. I have a couple outfits completed, but I am going to wait until I have 10 listings prepared before opening my little store. If things sell I will add to it as often as I have time to. If things don't sell....I will have lots of cute new outfits for my own collection. (Win! Win!) 
Although, many of these pieces I will make for myself regardless. This is just something I have been enjoying lately (sewing new fashions for my divas), and thought I would give others the opportunity to enjoy it with me.

Here are two I have qued up for selling so far...

 (Modeled by Living Dangerously Kyori Sato...renamed "Audra")

 (Modeled by Sienna....
...she's happy to have camera time, but not as happy as others would be.)

 (Front Shot) 

(Back Shot)

The above is a skirt and top set that will also come with the jewelry pictured. 
The red cotton print skirt is unlined, but has a button snap closure.
It will be listed at $9.50 plus $2.80 for exact shipping in the US 
and only $4.00 for international shipping worldwide. the US you will only be charged $2.80 and each additional item will ship free. 
International buyers will only be charged .50 cent per each additional item for shipping. 

 (Modeled by Miracle Child Ayumi)

(Modeled by a re-bodied Barbie Basics Model #14  renamed  "Josephine")

(Loose front and back)

This outfit will include a black top (lined in white), the skirt (lined in white), the necklace and it has all button snap closures. 

I will be listing this set at $11.50 with the same shipping rates as mentioned above.

I need to assemble 8 more items to list in order to reach my 10 goal... 
So many ideas and not enough time in the day....or night. 

I hope you find my prices fair and the clothes I offer worthwhile. 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

P.S.  I have not forgotten about the Fashion Show. Although fellow blogger Verona did an awesome mini fashion show already....check it out HERE.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I actually sat down and made an outfit!!! *faints*

Sewing and I have an on again/off again romance. 
Recently the urge to create via my sewing machine has been pressing. (haha corny humor... (o.o)...)

Anyway...I made the above (and below) top and skirt today. 
I sat down and expected nothing, as MANY of my sewing projects end up in the trash.
I like things perfect, and if they aren't perfect I seek to force them to my standard of perfection, which = trash can. (^_^)

The color yellow is a favorite of mine recently. In fact, blending unexpected earth tones with brights to create various styles has really been my "thing" the last few months.

So, it only makes sense that my first new/complete outfit applies my odd color combo fascination.

Here is a full body shot....

I got to thinking, as I often do (dangerous!), would any of you be willing to purchase outfits or clothing pieces like these? (They have button snap closures and the top is lined in brown fabric). If so, what would you consider a reasonable price to pay? I'm interested in getting everyone's feedback. Now, I'm not saying I definitely will sell anything like this, but it is a possibility... 

OH, and Haven is STOKED about the Fashion Doll Fashion Show....
He has a pretty huge part to play, and you will hear more on that this week! (^_~)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fashion Forward...

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post?!?!?! Yikes! I have a lot of things I could talk about, but I guess spending time with the family this summer has allowed time to FLY. You are all missed, and I regularly check to see everyone's new blog entries.


Plans.... (aka see if I can actually make some stuff happen and dust the blog off)....

I promised more focus on fellas this year and I have SO NOT delivered. My collection of male fashion dolls continues to grow, and the need to showcase these handsome gentleman (well some of them are gentle...others not so much) has become more appealing lately. 

Two really great ideas from great doll friends were suggested to me and I am going to see what I can do....

Idea 1: Take a group shot of all your male fashion dolls. (Thank you Julie!) Sounds simple enough, but I assure you this will be a bit of a fun challenge. (^_^)

Idea 2: Have a Fashion Show event on my blog/Facebook page and invite everyone to come wearing their most fashionable and fabulous attire. Think Rod and Danielle's Wedding... (^_~)  This idea came from Vanessa at Van's Doll Treasures!  Thank you Vanessa!!

Now, in the spirit of the second idea I will share some recent outfits I have put together.... (Keep an eye out for the official invitation to share your amazing re-styled dolls who will be attending!)

 Model Name: Luna

 Model Name: Lenore

 Model Name: Blair

 Model Name: Blair

 Model Name: Desiree

 Model Name: Desiree

 (This last shot is just because I love this gal in the new Kimono I purchased. lol)

So, is a fashion show something you would be interested in attending here at A Doll Affinity and on your own blogs??? 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity