Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreadlocks and a New Cafe/Bakery

Hello everyone! I hope each of you are well, and enjoying the unseasonably nice weather (minus the crappy storms and allergies).  We keep experiencing both here in Indiana. Yuck. lol

On to the good stuff!

I FINALLY did my first re-root using dreadlocks. Thanks to Dani over at Vita Plastica!
She commissioned me to make the awesome gal below happen. (^_^) 
And she directed me to an extremely useful dreadlocks tutorial . 
I still managed to use the "knot" method which isn't used in the above tutorial. 
Please keep in mind she will need to get home and reunite with her body, and I'm sure Dani will have some fabulous pictures and characterization for her in the future. 
But, for now, this is all I can offer...

 I gave her some make-up too! 
I think it livened her up quite a bit. (^_^)

My next dreadlocks project will be done on my Fast Track Victor James fella. I flocked him, but Dani showed me this picture of him with dreadlocks and I just cannot see him any other way now. 
 Can ya blame me? 

 In other news, I have made a TON of progress in my doll room! 
But due to the time it takes to post dioramas I will continue to just post rooms one by one. 
In this post I will show you my Cafe/Bakery diorama. 
For those of you that watch "Doll Drama" ( I know there hasn't been a new episode in 2 months! eek!) you know Tyrese owns a Cafe/Bakery. I think this might be his new set up. What so you think? And somehow I feel his adopted sister Nana helped decorate. (^_^) 

So without further blabbering, here it is....
 (Another HUGE thank you to a very special doll friend for giving me such wonderful new props!) 
Please excuse the less than awesome is a pain to photograph when it is gloomy outside.

The very beginning.....
 Still needs some nice touches...

 There we go! (^_^)

For now, I'm calling it Pop Life Cafe. I enjoy using box cut outs for decorating.
It's cheap and you can recycle. (^_^)

May this find you blessed and well!

Oh and on a side note....Does anyone know where Tracy India has gone?!?!
If you read this....WE MISS YOU!!! (^_^)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And the Birthday Give Away Winner is....

"Vita Plastica aka Dani"

Thank you to all who entered and continue to follow this crazy blog of mine. 
I appreciate each of you and plan to have more give aways in the future! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Mall's Grand Re-opening!

Today's blog is all about the mall!
McDonald's has been moved to a new location. They have more room there anyway. ;)
With McDonald's out of the picture, "The Perfect Fit" is booming!

But before I show you all that, let us take a look at some progress shots...

 Even "Fire and Ice Fever" is getting an overhaul. 

Please excuse the lights. It looks really great in person. lol 

Now onto the good stuff....

"Fire and Ice Fever" A Makeover... 

Whew! That was exhausting!!  

Now onto the bigger project...

"The Perfect Fit" A Makeover...

 The shoe/purse rounder is a candler holder. This idea came from Julie. (^_^)

Build it and the dolls shall over run it....

Or destroy it.....ugh.... -_-

 Corbin: So which one do you think she'll like?
Asher: How would I know? 
Corbin: Because you're her boyfriend.
Asher: Um....
Corbin: *sigh* Hopeless....
Asher:You look hopeless sitting at a pink Kiosk. 

 Lithen (holding up red purse)- Hey man, do you think Kiko would like this one?

 Josephine: Who is "Kiko"? 
Eli: I have no idea. I think he's been snorting pixie sticks again.

 Lithen: No, I left that behind me in 5th grade. 
Why are you totally lying to Josephine right now?

 Sammy: Great, now I will have to hold Josephine's hand while she gorges on large amounts of carbs and cries. Thanks a lot Eli. Jerk. 
The only way this will work out to my advantage is if she kills him right here. 
Then I'll help her throw a clothing rack on top of him and say it was an accident. 

Me: NOOOOOO! Murder is NOT allowed in the mall. 

Sammy: Well then you can hold her hand while she blubbers over Eli the player. 

 Sia: Where is the lousy hairdresser?
Amelia:You were the lousy hair dresser.
Sia: What?!
Amelia: You got fired for threatening to slap a customer. 
Sia: *@$%!^!!&@^*
Amelia: Charming.

 Corbin: Hi everyone! I'm making my dressed debut. Cat showed me naked in her last post. Not cool.

Me: Sorry, at least it wasn't a money shot. -.-
Not like you have anything going on down there anyway...

Corbin: What!?!?

Josephine: You better get that bank account lined up. 
It's going to be really expensive explaining this away.

Oh geez....

Ya know, sometimes I don't think my dolls know what it is to get along. 
Drama Queens.  

Anyway.....I hope all of you enjoyed the mall pictures!! 

Have an AWESOME Day/Evening!!! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Monday, March 12, 2012

Effie Trinket dressed and all the other OOAK doll stuff I've been busy with...

Well, it finally all came together!! Effie Trinket is home with her owner and wearing a OOAK ensemble he created for her.

 ALL pictures of dressed Effie belong to the owner. I am sharing them with his permission. (^_^)

And a reminder of the picture that inspired this doll...

I am really pleased with the FINAL result. Whew!

Now, I did some other re-roots and partial re-paints as well. They are as follows...

He started life as a stiff $5 ken. He got a new body, new hair, and a new face. 
"Corbin" is part of my collection.

Oops! Someone got Q-tip happy with the Acetone and Corbin lost an eyebrow. Guess I will have to re-paint them after all. 


I meant to get a dressed picture of him, but that failed to happen. I am sure he'll show up again. 

Next are two commissions I finished. 

The first is a Harley Ken. He got a custom re-root and a custom cut. 
All clothes were chosen by his owner.



Talk about having your head on a plate...hehe... (^_^)



I would like to note that his "rooting" progress was done in the course of one night. Which is a new record for me where a "Ken" sized head is concerned. His plugs were made and his head was prepped the night before. 

The other commission I did was this gal...


My "to do" with this gal was a re-root, an eyebrow and lip re-paint.


^^Here was my attempt at a "Bump-it"...

Her owner decided to just give her a regular ponytail. This picture is his. 
She was originally a Publicity Tour Barbie. 

As many of you know, I have been working on my doll room for over a month. 
And my progress has felt super slow!!!! 

But, Nahla's Auntie Ri Ri would like to say hello from her shopping spree at the new mall...

 Let's sneak a VERY small peek...

 "Hello, I'm Auntie Ri Ri!"

"And I'm fun, fabulous, and addicted to shopping sprees!"

I think Auntie Ri Ri is going to be a handful. ;) 

For my next blog post I plan on showing off the ENTIRE new mall.
Promise. (^_^)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity