Friday, May 20, 2011

Set Design is a fun(ny) thing. :)

I have been working on set design for my upcoming doll drama.
So exciting!
Below you will find a bedroom and a living room.
More is in the works...
*Stay tuned!*

Aria and Roxy modeling, and possibly gossiping about the new doll drama. *Tisk* *Tisk*
Aria is rocking her new hair cut. Roxy is rocking her new straight hair (today she got a new body). of my stars for the doll drama is getting camera ready, her name is Sienna.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Past Creations of mine, now "sold".



A OOAK Re-root/partial re-paint wearing a handmade ensemble.

The above creation was re-rooted using professional grade Kanekalon hair.
The last picture was included to showcase the black underneath all of that cinnamon red.
She was formerly a Shakira Barbie with the ever stunning Lea face. :)
I made her a completely lined outfit, as I am not a big fan of selling my OOAK dolls nude.
Her face was partially enhanced. Doing a full facial re-paint sounds terrifying. Maybe one of these days. lol

"Vintage Sewing Fun"


Using a pattern I tried my hand at sewing a lined vintage dress for Barbie.
It was a neat learning experience. :)

"Into the Garden of Midnight-A OOAK Ensemble"


This was my first attempt at sewing specifically for the larger busted Fashion Royalty Dolls.
I love the colors and had a lot of fun with this one. The dress and the purse were fully lined. All the little accessories were fun to make as well. Tedious, but fun. :)


Those are some of my most recent sold projects.
I have much more in the works.

-Catherine (Orchid's Designs)

Here comes "Aylah"...

A OOAK Re-root wearing a handmade outfit.

She will be sold on ebay this coming week.
I will post a link to the listing here for those of you interested. :)
She has been re-rooted using Katsilk Saran Hair. It is hard to see, but her hair is actually
two tones blended (cupcake pink and blonde). It is subtle but if you look closely you will see the pinkish hue.
I love working with Lea and Kayla face molds. So pretty.
It gets hard to part with my creations, but I can't possibly keep all of the dolls I re-do.
Just finished her up this evening and wanted to share.

Have a MARVELOUS evening!

-Cat (Orchid's Designs)

A First...

Over the next week this blog will accumulate pictures and videos of 1/6 scale fun! :)
*Stay Tuned*

-The Doll Affinity