Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warning: Edgy Makeovers Inside

This is going to be a picture heavy post, but I'll try not to be long winded. ;)

I didn't lie! I've been busy and I've certainly been around. Maybe not around the blog but I'm doing better than I was, so we'll try to focus on the positive. 

In this post I will be showing you three different custom gals I worked on within the last few months. As of this post all three are home with their respective owners.
First up, the custom Barbie Fifth Harmony Dinah Doll with a partial re-paint and a full re-root. 

She did not start life glamorous. In fact, I was going to just sell her head and move on. 
Then inspiration struck as I realized what a pretty face she had. 
It caused me to remember what once propelled me forward in my creative dolly endeavors. 
My joy came from unearthing something beautiful in a doll others would look over.
I settled on a two color re-root using saran hair, and followed it up by enhancements to her original face paint.

Of course I cannot leave you with just a before and after shot.
Let the photo shoot commence...

 The above picture is unedited as is the one beneath it. The edited pictures are truer to the colors in real time, but I decided to add these photos and showcase a different angle of the finished doll.


Yes this couch will be seen in a lot of my photos. ;)

Next in line for her blog debut is a doll I am really pleased to have worked on!

 Formerly a Top Model Nikki Barbie given a re-root in Nylon hair and flocking on one side.
 She belongs to the very talented Miranda of OneSixthAvenue.
Be sure to keep an eye on OneSixthAvenue's blog and Facebook for this girl's appearance in the future. ;)

Before I get to the fashion shoot with this doll I would like to take a closer look at her hair.
Please keep in mind that these photos are not edited.
I don't think I will do a short hairstyle using Saran ever again. Premium Nylon was superior in it's performance to obey what I needed in every way.
Thank you for trusting me Miranda!! <3

After the cut/style and boil it laid beautifully. 
You can see more pictures taken by Miranda here and here.

Now the photo shoot...

 I hated to see her go. Can you blame me?!  
Miranda mentioned she had a Kill Bill character feel and I have to agree with her. 
Maybe my subconscious enjoyment of the Kill Bill movies were at play while I styled her? 

And the last gal I have to share today is one I made for my personal collection. 

 I decided I wanted a more punk LA girl.

She was given a reroot in two saran colors, flocked, pierced, and partially re-painted with eyelashes added.

I don't have a mouthful to say about this one. Just that you'll see more of her in the future.

The last photo shoot (and it's short)...

And as a bonus, for those of you wondering how her original hair looks up close, I took some pictures. 

Feel free to click the photos to enlarge them for detail. 

I hope each of you is having a wonderful October!! 
More coming soon!  


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tokidoki Barbie Inspiration Revisited ^_^

(She was a 2015 Asian Fashionista Barbie doll before her re-root. )

So, with all the craziness surrounding the latest Tokidoki Barbie release, 
I decided to make my own version for fun. 
 I cannot explain why, but when I re-root using fantasy colors the re-root seems less monotonous.  
This doll was no exception. 

She received a partial re-paint and a full re-root in 3 saran colors. 

Styling her was relatively easy, because I had just purchased this cute 
Tokidoki top by the talented Yvonne AtTinyLiving
She still has some really adorable items in stock! 

Stripped bare and showing off her hair! O.O
Here you can see the blue on one side, pale yellow on the other, with streaks of light pink throughout.

The dreaded part. I think the part took longer to complete than the entire re-root. 
Working with light hair colors requires a lot more attention to coverage and detail. 
Yay for extra work! 
Wait, no. ;)

She also got a mani to match the new hair .

And at long last, the close up. 
I urge you to enlarge this picture to see the detail. 
She has apricot and blue eye shadow on, and a lighter lip color. 
Yet another doll I am sad to see go. 
But she'll have a lovely new home, and I bought a second one of these to customize in different colors for my own collection. 

I am so behind on blog posts but I am trying to catch up. 
I have at least 4 more planned and started that you should see within the next couple of weeks. 
I'm really back this time!  
I've missed ALL OF YOU!!!


Have a totally amazing weekend!

(And her dolly horde...)