Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Effie Trinket OOAK re-rooted

Some of you may remember a previous blog entry where I introduced a full facial re-paint I did for a friend and client of mine.  Well, he decided to send her my way for her re-root, because he wasn't sure he could give her what she needed. I accepted the challenge of re-rooting her in the saran hair of his choice, and then undertook the scary task of curling it. 

I didn't want to hurt the face paint while boiling her curls and setting her part. A lot of care was taken, and I am so pleased that I challenged myself. Thank you to everyone who offered me helpful tips on curling saran hair, as it is very stubborn.

First, I will show you her re-root progress...

 Above you see what most of my re-roots look like pre-part. I hand knot each plug and root it into the head. I have recently discovered a nifty glue to reinforce knots on stubborn hair (such as nylon) so that is won't slip out. It is called Fray Check. You can find a listing for it here.
However, I didn't use it on this re-root because saran hair, as long as you don't make large plug/knots, tends to stay in the head easily. 
 Here is her freshly thatched and set part.

 Here is the dreadfully uneven back. 
Please note that I did not keep this length to achieve her final curls. 

 I rolled her part first to ensure she had a part when I took the "rollers" down. 
I used rolled up foil and pins to hold her hair in place. 

 All rolled and ready to boil! I thought she looked cute with her hair up in "rollers". (^_^)
 This is just a back shot. 
I will state the curling a doll's hair is not my favorite. 
It is extremely tedious! Each pin represents a curl. 
 This is the after!  
She will have a hat placed on her part once she gets home to her owner. 
Just like Effie.

And a back shot. 

A couple things I would like to mention..

After her initial boil, I let her dry and sit in her "rollers" for 2 full days! Then, the night before I was to take down her hair I put her still rolled hair/head into a heating pad for an hour. 
 While I rolled each piece of hair, I trimmed it WAY shorter and evened the hair out as I went.

So, this is my second doll perm using foil. What does everyone think of the finished product? 
Here is a link to the first foil perm I did.

Hope today is greeting each of you pleasantly!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mamaw... (non-doll) post

Today would have been my Mamaw's 73rd birthday. 
She died at a time when she was not expected to.
It was the day before her 71st birthday that we lost her. 
I miss her so much. 
She was always more of a parent than a grandparent.
I pray that she is smiling and dancing whereever her soul is now.
I pray that she will be there waiting when I too must shed this mortal coil. 

I love you dearly Mamaw. 
You are eternally with me. <3

-Your "blue eyed baby girl"

May we all find smiles today. *Big Hugs* to each of you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I miss everyone!! (^_^)

I haven't blogged in over a week, and I miss all of you! To those of you who are new followers, thank you!! I am in the process of a doll room overhaul. You see, on Valentine's day, I was visited by a doll fairy who brought me lots of little goodies and tips for my doll room. So, I have been trying to turn my doll room into a little dream doll room of my own. It is a TON of work, but it is coming along nicely. In fact, I am nearly finished.  Slowly I will update my blog to show everyone the progress of the doll room's reconstruction. 

What better way to begin than by showcasing the terrible mess I made?! 

The Floor...yikes!

 Wow, that yard looks like crap and carnage. 
If my dolls see this they are going to riot for sure.

The HUGE white shelf delivered by the awesome doll fairy I mentioned!

Harley is sitting in one of the units mumbling something like, "World coming down,  where am I, what has she done?..." I think she is cracking up over me destroying their world. It's for the best...I promise!

Scary isn't it? 

Well, with all of this chaos came some order. Sienna redecorated her bedroom and living room. She embraced, and took complete advantage of the new stuff. How very Sienna of her. ;)

Sienna's new bedroom...

I am loving the new setup of her room. <3

The living room is almost unrecognizable....

The full shelf...

Talk about flipping a house! Whew! Glad it is over. 

Like I stated, I will slowly update the blog in the coming week with other parts of the doll room's massive changes.   I cannot wait to show everyone what I've done with the mall!! (^_^)

May this find each of you blessed!!

Sending dolly hugs and creative energy everyone's way!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Mini Fashion Show...

Thanks to our fellow doll blogger April, I acquired some really fun/versatile pieces of doll clothes. If you aren't following her blog yet, you should! She regularly posts items for trade/sale. Plus, she's a really sweet person. (^_^)

So, in honor of these new arrivals...

I decided to dress up some of my girls to show what some of these pieces are capable of.
One of my favorite things about Fashion dolls is the fashion! 

First, we have the lovely Sia modeling the tights and necklace...

 She is modeling in my alternative clothing store. ;) 

 Sia has always been on the sassy/diva side...

 Gee whiz that peanut can came in handy... ;)

 Model: Barbie Basics Collection 1 Model 9 on a Fashionistas Raquelle body
Hat: Barbie Love Frank Sinatra
Necklace (which could also be a belt): Goth Stardoll
White Top: Barbie Basics Jeans Model 1
Skirt: Top Model Hair Wear Barbie
Black vest: Handmade by me using a MyFroggyStuff tutorial
Bracelets: 2 are Mattel and the black/white one I made
Comic book style tights: So In Style Rocawear Trichelle Doll
Boots: Fashion Fever 
Purse: Possibly Bratz not too sure

Next up, still modeling in my alternative clothing store is, Amelia....
 I always loved this gal. She is such a cutie. 

 This outfit has attitude even with her sweet expression. 

Model:  Speed Racer Trixie Barbie on a Barbie Loves Elvis Body
Glasses: Barbie Basics Target Accessory pack Look 2
Necklace: Dollar store bracelet for little girls
Jacket: Liv 
Bracelets: Various Mattel
Top: So In Style Rocawear Trichelle
Jeans: Barbie Basics 2.5 Model 14
Purse: Not sure. It might be handmade. 
Shoes: Barbie Basics Accessory pack 2 Look 1
Last, is Mira, and she is modeling in my other clothing store,
"The Perfect Fit"... 

 No flash on this one. Gives it an interesting effect.

 She really is Pretty in Pink.. ;) 

 Model: Goddess of Spring Barbie on a Pop Life Kelly body
Earring, ring,silver necklace, and ring: Various Mattel 
Bracelet: Made by me
Long Necklace: Dollar store little girls bracelet
Shoes: Integrity Candi 
Purse: Fashion Fever
Tights: Mattel Ballerina fashion pack
Skirt: My Scene
Jacket and top: Mattel

That concludes my fashion show. (^_^) 

Play on and create my friends!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


And by new blogger I mean...cutest blog ever!! I implore each of you to stop by 

Not only do I ask you to welcome this new blogger with open arms and follow her as avidly as I now do, but I have no doubt Twig and the other gals at The Majokko Shop would love to see you as well!

Meet Twig...

She is awesome, fun, and frequently does cute doll reviews with lots of pictures. Specifically, she reviews Neemo dolls. I had seen these dolls previously, but had no idea what sort of cuteness my eyes were taking in. 

As many of you know I love anime and these dolls are little anime dreams brought to life.

The stories that accompany her adorable cast of characters, as well as doll and 1:6 scale product reviews, are both hilarious and enchanting. 

A picture from a recent blog post: 

Her doll's perspectives are spot on,  and take you on mini adventures.
Which I love! 

So, pull up a seat and prepare to enjoy yourself over at The Majokko Shop!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Commission...

So, yesterday I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger who wanted to commission me to do a doll for a friend.  She sent a very specific picture of what was requested...

(The above picture does NOT belong to me.)

Initially, upon seeing the picture, I panicked a little. LOL  I am VERY new to re-paints of this magnitude.  But I wanted to help, so I picked a doll I felt was close.

This is a Fashionista Sweetie Barbie head on a regular belly button style body.
First thing I did was wash and boil her hair, and then I pulled it back.
I decided to leave the earrings in, because I thought they would look great with her new face paint.

So, the above picture shows what I painted first.
I realized the doll I chose had a smaller forehead, so this re-paint was not going to be exact. 

But I pressed on until I had this...
(With Flash)

(Without Flash)

After her face was done it was time to make her an outfit. 
Here is the end result of a relatively short brainstorming session...

 There she is...ready for her new owner. (^_^)

And one more shot with no flash for dramatic effect. 
-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fallen Angel Stardoll Re-root...

Like many of you, I found that the hair quality on the Fallen Angel Stardoll was not up to my standard. I liked her red streaks, but in order to give her more diversity in character and what she could wear, I omitted them from her new hair.  She was re-rooted using the knot method in black saran. 

And wouldn't you believe it...I didn't mess up her original eyelashes! (^_^)

The new and much improved Evangeline...

Hope everyone is doing well!! (^_^) 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity