Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Doll Drama side story: A visit to Julie's Doll Room..

I know it has been months since I posted anything related to Doll Drama.
Good thing time and space doesn't exist in the "doll world" as it does in our own lives. 
 Late last year Julie invited me to shoot a photo story in her doll room. A few months ago I went there and shot the photo story you are about to see. I have had the pictures since then, but I just couldn't seem to get around to editing and posting it all.

This takes place directly after Haven's Interview, and Sienna's lunch with her mom, Charice. 

Here it is.....
(Please note: This is PRE- Danielle and Rod's Wedding Photo Story found HERE.)

Sienna decided a fun little shopping trip was in order after the longest lunch of her life. That lunch included Charice's long speech on letting Haven kiss her, and dumping Teddy. She only got her mom to back off a bit by mentioning an interest in a rather handsome baker named Tyrese.  Sienna thought a shopping trip might take the remaining edge off of her mom's opinions regarding her life.

 Charice: Oh, I just love the cute lingerie selection they have here. 

Sienna: Isn't lingerie something you wear with a special someone?

Charice: I'm single, not dead sweetie.

Sienna: Ew.

Charice: How do you think you got here? 
I thought you were grown, and had figured out the way things work by now....

Sienna: Okay! Okay....I get it. Let's just not talk about it. 

 Charice: You're awfully young to be such a prude.

Sienna: I'm not a "prude".  I just have no interest in the goings on of my mom's "love" life, and I use "love" loosely. 

Charice: Oh hush. You're gonna ruin what could be a perfectly fun shopping trip. I raised you, and loved you. You got here, and you're successful. And despite you being an ungrateful brat sometimes I love you still. So, let's enjoy ourselves.  Maybe if you're good I'll buy you something pretty.

Sienna: *slightly sarcastic* You're right. I'll try not to verbally express my mental distress in hearing about your...conquests.

Charice: Oh look! Hats!

 Charice: Now this hat is fabulous! 

Sienna: *laughing* It looks like it's swallowing you head first.

Charice: Did I ask you?

Sienna: *continues to laugh*

 Charice: If you ever do get married....I will be sure to walk you down the isle in it.

Sienna: *Stops laughing*

Charice: That's what I thought. 
 Charice: What about this one? 

Sienna: I think you have it on wrong or something...

*Charice re-adjusts hat.*

Charice: I think it's pretty. Though, I'm not sure I can think of a place to wear it. 

 Sienna: It's kind of fancy, and it looks better now that you re-adjusted it.
 But, do you even really need a hat?

Charice: Do we always buy things we need?

Sienna: Point for mom....again. *sigh*

Charice and Sienna decide to browse seperately for a few minutes. 
When Sienna bumps into her mom again she sees the hat obsession hasn't stopped.

 Charice: Oh there you are! What do you think of this one? Isn't it fierce?!

Sienna: Another hat? 

Charice: You are the opposite of fun today, do you know that?

Sienna: Well excuse me. 

Charice: That's I'm going to embarrass you.

Charice makes her way past a few clothing racks and discovers something better than a hat...

 Charice: What now?!

*Girls in back whisper amongst themselves.*

 Sienna: It's my favorite. 

 Sienna: In fact, if I ever get married I'm not walking down the isle with you 
unless you wear a tiara just like that.

 Charice: That's my girl! Sas and all! 

Girls in back: Are they both nuts, or just this one?

Charice: If you're gonna be rude ladies, you should probably whisper. 
It's a good idea to keep stupidity to yourselves.

Sienna: *Laughing*

Sienna and Charice make their way into another store along the way...

Sienna: I had no idea you were into wearing animals on your head. 

Charice: Say that again.

Sienna: *laughing* looks kinda...nice. 

Charice: That's what I thought.

 After yet another "hat incident" the ladies start mingling with the locals. 
 Sienna: Cute top! My friend Nahla would kill for a top like that.

Girl: Thanks! They have something similar on the rack behind us. 

Sienna: Hmm...might not be a bad idea to get her a new outfit. 
Then she may not strangle me for not taking her shopping today. 

Girl: Your friend sounds kinda violent.

Sienna: *laughs* Not usually. She just loves shopping for new and odd outfits. 

 Charice: That's when I jumped out of my car and told her if she knew what was good for her and her sorry excuse for a car she'd----

Sienna: Mom, you are NOT telling a total stranger what happened in the parking lot earlier are you?

Charice: She isn't a stranger. Her name is Svetlana and she doesn't speak a word of English.

Sienna: Um...captive and confused audience much? 
 Charice: Oh hush. She keeps smiling, so she probably agrees with some of what I'm saying.
 Heck, she may even be entertained!

 Sienna: She is smiling a lot.
 But if you still want to stop in at that Sports Bar 
for a bite to eat we better get going. 

They bid Svetlana goodbye and Charice quickly finds trouble with the
 Sports Bar's pool playing crowd. 

 Charice: And that is EXACTLY how I am going to swindle each of you out of your cash. 

Girl in white: Um, you just told us the "how"....we aren't going to fall for it now.

Charice: How do you know I'm not lying? 

Girl in white: I guess we don't. 

Charice: Exactly. Let's play ball!

Sienna: That is baseball mom, and this is such a bad idea. 

Blonde fella: This chick is hilarious! 

Brunette fella: Yeah, this is going to be interesting to watch. 

Sienna: Let's just leave. 

Charice: No way. Momma has this one. Now let's break balls! 

Girl in red jacket: *laughing*

Sienna: I can't let you do this mom. We don't know these people, and--

Charice: And nothing. I can win. Just trust me. 

Sienna quickly learned that her mom was a TOTAL pool shark. 
Who knew?
 So, Charice decided they should stop at an antiques store to spend her newly won loot. 

 *Charice sneaking up behind Sienna*

Sienna (to herself): They have some really beautiful pieces here. A little out of my price range though. 
 Charice: Found ya!

Sienna: Are you trying to make my heart stop today?

Charice: *laughing* Well, I brought you into this world I guess I can take you out. 

Sienna: *laughing* I'm starting to think those girls, back at the shop we bought the tiara in, were right about you being nuts. 

Charice: Oh girl you are gonna get it one of these days. 

Sienna: *still laughing* Probably sooner than later. 

Charice spotted a handsome gentleman, and was all eyes on him. 

Mystery Fellow: Oh you are too kind.

Charice: You don't know the half of it. 

Sienna: I know too much already...I'll be waiting downstairs.

Mystery Fellow: Who is she?

Charice: My daughter. 

Mystery Fellow: I thought you were sisters!

Charice: *giggling like a school girl*

Sienna: Oh I cannot walk fast enough away from this mess....

Sienna (to herself): Ahhh some peace. I swear mom could find a guy stranded in a desert, and yet she refuses to commit. *sigh* She says I have commitment issues. Look in the mirror mom. Ugh. 


Charice found this lovely ensemble at one of the boutiques they visited while at Julie's. 
Next time you see her, this is the outfit she'll be wearing. 

I hope all of you enjoyed the photo story. 
Slowly, I am rediscovering my love of doll story telling.

*Hugs and blessings to each of you!*

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Friday, June 22, 2012

My first vintage re-root! Skooter! (^_^)

I was asked by a doll friend to re-root her vintage Skooter. She found her with her hair chopped into a scary mo-hawk. (Sorry no before pictures of this.)

 I think she was this Skooter....


Here is her new look. Please excuse her dolly nudity. I didn't have time to dress her before picture taking. 

TIP: I discovered placing the head into a heating pad for 10-15 minutes between each circle you root... does wonders to help the hair set/lay down better. This is especially useful when trying to give a doll bangs. (^_^) 

I apologize for not responding to everyone's comments from the last post. 
I am currently playing catch up on the blog and on any e-mails 
I have received from some of you recently. 
I have NOT forgotten about you!! Promise!

*Big dolly hugs!!*

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 

May each of you be blessed! (^_^)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Julie has a Flickr account and it is AMAZING!

As many of you may know, I have had the pleasure of visiting Julie's spectacular doll room on more than one occasion. So, with much excitement I wish to share with you her Flickr account!!

 (A sample picture from her Flickr photo stream.)

She has taken many detailed photographs, and explained so much of how/why she has collected certain pieces. Julie has been an inspiration to my own collection, and the scenes I began to create. Please take the time to stop in and wish her a warm hello! (^_^) 

 (Another sample picture from her Flickr photo stream.)

 ( An example of how she breaks down some of her favorite pieces kept within each detailed scene.)

Here are the links to visit Julie:

* Julie's Photo Stream on Flickr: Click me!

*Her wonderfully detailed Flickr profile: Click me to learn more about Julie!

Please be patient with her, as she is VERY new to this and may not be able to get back to you right away. She just loves to share her love of dolls with others, and is such a kindred spirit! 

Thank you for stopping into my dusty blog. (^_~)

I pray each of you are well and smiling!! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity