Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He's One Hell of a Homme!

Recently, I took a couple commission requests from a dear friend of mine. 
(Yes my commission book will be re-opening soon, but with very limited spaces.)

She sent Handsome Devil Damon my way for some much needed hair help. 

I like that his eyes look rimmed with tears here. 
Not sure if that would be a look of fear, desperation in his need for help, or just a crappy picture?
Regardless, that is the before look of our harrowing Damon. 



The after result looked like this. He looks happier. Well as happy as a devastatingly good looking Homme with a new lease on plastic life can look.
 I'd say his quick after picture comes off a bit suggestive. 
Oops.  *-*

Now to the fashionable and fun photos of the finished Damon...

Much better. 

Oh dear....not this again. 
It appears that Damon is trying to steal my Lucy away. 
Indeed a handsome devil....
and a sneaky flirt too. 

(Psst....Lucy is wearing HautePoppet.) 

Well, I will wrap this post up by saying that you will be seeing A LOT of me around here and everywhere dolls are concerned. I've made a certain, and terrifying leap. 
More on that later. 

Until then, may this find you well and smiling friends!

-Cat  (^_^)
(and all the rest of those wicked little plastic people who steal my money and make me smile.)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Go See Poppy Parker Re-root

For awhile now I wanted a Poppy Parker with red hair. 
I looked and waited for IT to release the perfect gal for the re-root I had in mind. 
Then, along came Poppy Parker Go See...
She was re-rooted in a hand blend of 3 different saran colors. 
I decided I liked her better on a Dynamite Girl's body, and am very pleased with her result. 

A quick before shot...

Pretty but not right for my collection. 

And one more picture for good measure. ;) 
The lovely dress is by the VERY talented Andy of HautePoppet.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Bittersweet Acquisitions

As many of you may know, the lovely and talented Dani  of  Vita Plastica 
decided to leave the world of 1/6 and go on to BJDs.
This led to her parting with her extensive collection of Grandville. 
(She is still selling off the rest here.)

(By the way, her BJDs and her plans for their stories, are incredible. Even if you don't collect BJDs I highly recommend you keep an eye on what she is up to.) 

I sent her a message about her local drug dealer Morgan, and the couch you see in the above picture.
I had to twist her arm to get the couch. ;) 
But in the end, I got two of my favorite things that once resided in Grandville.
Morgan is still a drug dealer on my side of the dollyverse, and she took the couch for her and her new boyfriend.

Introducing Ares, who went from this...

To this...

Re-painted and Re-rooted earlier this year, and I am just now getting around to posting him here.
I suck, just a lil.

They have quickly found much in common. 

Like their love of this couch, plaid prints, drugs, and....

Breaking in new furniture.


I'm going to be posting more and more gradually.
Working on the doll room this weekend and a Poppy re-root I cannot wait to finish and showcase here!

Oh yeah, and posting about the Homme with blue hair, plus two other lovely re-roots I completed.
Geez. I gotta get on this! ;)

Oh mini me....where are you? 

-Cat  (^_^)