Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 and I'm not making any promises...

I know I was less than here in 2014. There was a lot of change, and not all of it was good. 
I work a lot now, and don't have as much time for the doll side of my life. 
However, I do have ENOUGH time. 
I'm not making any promises, because that seems to burn up in flames.
 I know I am not the only person this happens to. I've seen it happen to many of you off and on. 
That is life, it's always ebbing and flowing.
 So, I am going to attempt to dust this blog off again and pick up 1/6th Cat's antics where we left off. 

I still read your blogs. 
I miss commenting and connecting. 
Admittedly I became quite reclusive in 2014, so please allow me to crawl back out from the hole I've been living in for the past year. 
Things will be shifting a bit as can be evidenced from the blog's new look (probably going to continue to tweak it.) 
Hope you can find it in your hearts to be patient with me as I fall into the newness of my vision. 

*Giant Hugs*

<3  Cat and her dolly Motley Crew <3