Thursday, November 5, 2015

He's one hell of an assistant!

I am ever so pleased to present Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler fame. 
For those of you who have not seen the anime I am referring to, he is one of my favorite characters. 

He has been a 2 year project, but he was worth the wait. 
Sebastian's re-paint was done by the talented Joey Versaw of Mary Magpie dolls. 
I re-rooted him, and then gave him a cut/style using premium black nylon hair I purchased 
Sebastian has been dressed in random pieces of Ken clothes I've acquired along the way. 

It is here that I should note he started out as a Legolas Ken doll. 
His metamorphosis can be seen in the photo below.  

I have special plans for this new member of my 1/6 crew. 
Some hints await you in the following photos...

Such a curious first meeting...

A most alarming chemistry between them....

Not romantic, as one might assume...

 An agreement. A contract perhaps?

Did I mention our dear Sebastian has only one weakness?
He loves cats. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the changing of seasons in preparation for the new year.  
And if not, I hope you're staying warm, or cool depending on where you are in the world. <3

(And you know...the rest of them.)