Thursday, October 30, 2014

Facebook Giveaway!

The Giveaway! 

The doll above was re-rooted and flocked by me (she is on an articulated Artsy Fashionista's body) and she is wearing a beautiful hand crafted dress by HautePoppet. 
This is a collaborative Facebook Giveaway. <3

More about the doll...

I was inspired by this picture of Lisa Bonet wearing some beautiful dreadlocks. 

The doll chosen started out like this...

(Her hair was one HUGE hot mess.)

And after much hard work she turned into this...

 Her dress was hand crafted by the VERY talented Andy of HautePoppet.

So now on to the details of how you can win this girl!

Andy over at HautePoppet approached me for a giveaway collaboration a year ago. He has a unique  flair for style, and if you haven't checked out his amazing Etsy shop you need to. Click HERE to see some of his beautiful hand created and vintage re-purposed 1/6 doll items.

A re-root done by me in a dress made by HautePoppet! (^_^)

Who can enter?

Fans on Facebook! (^_^)
This is open to all of you! Worldwide!
There is no cost to the winner!

How do you enter to win?
1. "Like" A Doll Affinity on Facebook (
and leave a comment on the pinned giveaway post to let me know you would like to be entered (If you already like my page just leave a comment.) = 1 Entry

2. "Like" HautePoppet here:
= 1 Entry

If you have questions about the giveaway details, you can e-mail me at or message me right here on Facebook.
The Giveaway is open from October 30th- November 28th
(Eastern Daylight Time).

Good Luck to all who enter, and thank you for being such an incredible group of individuals!!