Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Thanks to Kelly I got Ghost Barbie's head at a VERY reasonable price. 
I am completely enamored with her. 
She is temporarily a body thief....just in time for Halloween. 
Her new and permanent body should be here early next week. 
I have several photo shoots planned for the coming weeks.
She will be in at LEAST one of them. 

This doll doesn't take a bad picture. 
Like I said.....enamored with her...yes I am.

Here is another picture I poked at in the photo editor.

Yes, I am an Edgar fan. My mom raised me on his poems. 
I found it Halloween appropriate. 

Well, I am off to have a horror movie marathon with my mom. 
It is just us girls in this 100 year old house tonight. 
Woo hoo! Spooky all year round. 

What are all of you doing tonight? 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road...

It is time to officially announce what I have suspected for a few months now.
Doll Drama has reached an end. 
I haven't made an episode since January. 
That is one very LONG hiatus. 

So, out of kindness for the series I will not be making anymore episodes.
This probably won't come as much of a shock to any of you, but I thought I would go ahead and confirm it. 

Why didn't I make more episodes?

Well, I took on commissions, started an Etsy store, sold off half of my doll related stuff, reformatted my life several times, and developed a more well rounded collection of dolls and doll stuff.

Now to add to the above...
I am in process of house hunting, and packing. 
That means a packed up doll room, and several months of limbo.
I hate the wait around on stuff like this. 

The good news is this...

I have been thinking of doing little mini photo stories around newer dolls I have with an occasional video here and there. However, I need to get moved first. 

So for now, most of what you will see here will have to do with doll customization, doll related events, doll sewing (even the epic fails lol), and any other doll related thing that pops up. 

I may get a wild urge to post some sort of photo story in the future, so don't worry about seeing Haven will see him again. He wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, obviously the entire look of this blog is going to change. Eek! 
If you have any questions pertaining to the series and what would have happened (because I actually know even though I didn't produce anymore episodes) I will give ya an answer.

In other news...

I got my very first Momoko!!!!!!

I named her Molly.
She is a "Dramatic Bride" Momoko. 
I will begin making and selling stuff in her size in the future. 

(A special thank you to Ms. Leo for the backdrop!)

I am also selling what would have been "Claudia", Persephone's evil sister. lol 

She was re-rooted and re-bodied. 
She comes with the dress you see her wearing as a "free gift" because I don't think it is perfect enough to sell. (^_^) lol 

You can find her eBay listing HERE!

Thank you for the continued love and support!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not sure how much good this will do, but here goes....something close to my heart.

This is a doll blog.


Dolls are not the only things I care about.

I know ALL of you understand that.

We are more than doll collectors.

We, unlike our plastic counter parts, are human.

Thinking, feeling, moving, and shaking human beings. 


I was raised in Ohio and our family was below the poverty line. 

Many of my memories lay scattered along the banks of the Ohio River. 
In recent years, Ohio, (and many other places) have become extremely impoverished. 
My mom did everything she could with my grandma to raise my brother and I right. 
Because of two exceptional women we were raised above our "poverty". 

When you ask of my memorable moments, family is at the center of SO much of those memories. 
 That is why I am donating to the following cause...

When we barely had food to eat, and welfare was just keeping us afloat it was a time to celebrate during holidays like thanksgiving. 
We ate and enjoyed the company of one another with a grateful heart. 
I doubt I'm the only one who wishes the strong family bonding of a holiday gone right could last all year.

In closing, what I am trying to say is that when you have very little, or sometimes nothing, it is the strong bonding of family that gets you through and allows you to rise above circumstance. 
I'm not perfect, but statistically, I should be on welfare, with 1 or more kids, strung out on drugs. 
Sadly, I know this to have been the fate of other kids, in my same situation that were my friends and schoolmates. 

Instead, I sit back taking stock of my life thus far, and am thankful that I had a family to bond with even through the toughest times. 

It is amazing what family can do for one's perspective, even in just a Thanksgiving dinner with one another.

Even if you can only give a dollar, that is one dollar closer to the goal. 

Thank you for reading this.

Sending love to each of you...

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dust yourself off and try again...

So, after laughing every time I looked at my alien-anime-esk re-paint of the redheaded model #4...
I erased her entire face.

Just that step alone made her look better. 
(^_^) lol

If you don't remember her....let me refresh your memory...

Looks like someone tried to fill her head with helium.
We all float down here...

My first mistake was trying to go over her crap paint job so that I could achieve some sort of perfect result.
I generally have much better luck if I just create a blank canvas. 
Unless of course I am just enhancing a doll's already marvelous features. 
Obviously, this wasn't the case. 

All was NOT lost though...

Which is the entire point of this post. 

After making her a blank canvas, this happened....

Let us break that collage down...shall we? 

She looks like her name would be Katya or Veronica. 
I don't know why... 

She has been sold! Thank you all so much for the supremely sweet words!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy day Repaint PRACTICE!

So, after working on both of the repaints I am going to show you I think I prefer re-painting male dolls. They just aren't so HIGH MAINTENANCE. 

(^_^) (...I'm totally high maintenance.)

Dolls WERE harmed in the making of this blog post. 

First victim was my crazy eyed model #4 from the Barbie Basics Jean collection...

Let's see what horrors befell her...

GIANT eyes and screwy lashes....eek! 

Keeping in mind that I tried to keep some of her original paint intact (hence the heavy upper lid liner) because I liked the eyeshadow. My best guess is that a complete erase is in order. 

I re-paint SO little that I am amazed she looks sorta okay, just not what I was after. 

VICTIM #2, in my opinion, was a COMPLETE success! (^_^)

Formerly an "Acheron" doll by Integrity....

If you don't know what he looked like before, here is a link.
I completely spaced taking a "before" of him. 

His eyes were re-painted, the red streaks were removed, and I erased his dreadful facial hair. 

Oh, and I renamed him "Adonis". 
His place in my collection is now permanent. 

So, that has been my rainy day....

Not sure what I am going to get into next....

*hugs to each of you* 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity