Monday, April 30, 2012

DOLL PHOTO CONTEST: Something AWKWARD this way comes...

That's right! I am officially launching this blog's very first photo contest. Never thought I would get around to it, but I’ll be darned, here it is!


Ever had one of those moments? You know the kind of moments where time stops and you ask yourself how and why you ended up in such an awkward and embarrassing predicament?  Well now is your chance to put your dolls into some awkward/embarrassing photos.  Just think of yourself as the “Doll Paparazzi”…. 


·         *Your picture MUST contain dolls! (^_^)

·         *Your picture can include ANY scale, brand, type that you so choose to photograph.

·         * Please, no XXX-rated imagery. In other words, please utilize your “censored boxes”.  I do…

·         *Be creative and have fun! (Yes, that IS a rule.) 

·         *Submit only ONE picture to the following e-mail address:

·        * Your SUBJECT line should read: PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY

·         *Include your name, blog if you have one, and any other funky facts you want to. (^_^) 

·         *You CAN use photo shop,, or any other photo editing software available to you. 



This gorgeous doll.... (^_^) 

And before anyone asks..I DID NOT do her hair. I wish!! lol

****I will cover US AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS!!! (^_^)****


·         *You have until May 18th to submit your entries. That is approximately 3 weeks from today. 

·        * I will then blog everyone’s qualifying entries, and post a public poll in that entry. (The poll will end on May 25th)

·         *The TOP 3 photos will then be subjected to my final analysis, and I will announce the winner on June 1st.  

I have included some picture examples. These pictures are all from various stages of Doll Drama, and you do not need to copy the ideas within the examples. I just thought I should get the camera rolling, since this was my idea to begin with.  


Your pictures do NOT have to have captions or dialogue. 
They can speak for themselves, like the picture below.....

 The above picture was actually a blooper from Episode 1.
 I still question why I didn't just let it pass the cutting room floor....

Enjoy! And above all else PARTICIPATE and TELL others to PARTICIPATE! 
Because it will be fun! (^_^)

Play on and take some crazy fun photos while you’re at it!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

P.S.  If this goes well, I will do more contests and giveaways.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Facebook Page...FINALLY!?!

This is just a quick note to everyone stating that I have officially gone to the Facebook side of things. I'm everywhere else...right? Well, I don't Twitter or  is that Tweet.....? 

SO, if all of you lovely and spectacular individuals want EVEN more updates on what I am up to, I am going to use Facebook to announce it. A one stop for everything related to A Doll Affinity's antics. 

Yay! ...or something that equates to a "yay!"   (I hope..)

Please come show your support and say hello so I can "like" you in return! (^_^) 
Here is the link:  CLICK HERE!

And finally, a couple more shameless picture plugs of the newest girl to join my doll family...

She just doesn't take a bad picture! (^_^)

Hope everyone is well!! Much more on the way....

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My guests attending Rod and Danielle's Wedding!

Several of my Doll Drama characters decided they wanted to attend Rod and Danielle's wedding. 
I'm quite sure I over heard them discussing about my inability to produce a new Doll Drama episode and a need to be seen...blah..blah...and other such things. 
So, I agreed to showcase them getting ready for Rod and Danielle's big day!! 

 Nana, Nahla, and Sienna decided to get ready at Sienna's place.
Their dates and Sienna's mom, Charice, are set to arrive soon. 

 Nahla: You look fantastic! Tyrese is going to melt. 

Sienna: I hope not. Then I won't have a date.

Nahla: Well, if that happens we can just pour him into your purse.

Sienna: I'm not ruining my latest designer bag to take a puddle as my date. 

Nahla: *laughs* Fair enough. 

 Meanwhile, Nana is getting into a computer game to calm her nerves and excitement.
Nana: Crap! I lost one of my bananas! No bonus this round...

 Nahla: Nana has the right idea! We should be calm and play some video games.

Sienna: I don't think it is going to take that much longer for everyone to arrive.

Nahla: You never know!

Sienna: Actually I do know. Mom and Tyrese just texted me that they are on their way.

 Nahla: Well, I'm sitting on my pretty purple butt until Darius gets back. Are we still taking a group picture before we leave?

Sienna: That's the plan. Who knows if we will ever do something like this again. 

Nahla: Very true. I still can't believe you didn't know Tyrese and Nana were adopted siblings. 

Nana: That is kinda my fault. But I guess it all worked out. 

Sienna: Yes, it did. So no need to bring all that up.

 Nahla: People who are reading this are probably confused. Considering Cat hasn't posted any of the new episodes. 

Sienna: She will.....eventually. 

Nana: Cat has been super busy. I will give her another month.

Nahla: *Laughs* Probably more like three! 

Sienna: Are you excited for your wedding date to get here Nana?

Nana: Yeah, Haven is a really nice guy. 
 We both wanted to go, but needed a date. It worked out pretty great!

 Sienna: Just drama at this wedding!

 Charice: Oh I certainly hope there isn't any drama! You girls are awfully grown to be acting classless at such a lovely occasion.

 Sienna: There won't be any drama mom. In fact, we were just discussing how well the date line up worked out. 

Charice: Date? I'm going solo. Men can be such a distraction. 

Sienna: Well I am going to welcome my distraction.

 Nana and Nahla: Hey Charice!

Both Girls: We'll behave!

 Nana and Nahla made their way downstairs. 

Nahla: This dress is incredibly itchy. 

Nana: Why did you wear it?

Nahla: Because I thought I looked good in it.

Nana: Oh, well I'm sure you and Darius can pick up some Benadryl on the way to the wedding.

Nahla: No, I think that would lead me to falling asleep and I am not sure anyone would appreciate my loud snoring. 

 Darius: Yeah, her snoring is awful! 

Nahla: Oh hush. You fart, and THAT is awful!

 Nahla: Darius and I are going to head out to the backyard so I can set up the camera to take our group photo.

Darius: I still don't see why we need to take a group picture..

Nahla: We're taking it, so stop questioning the motive.

Darius: You look stunning by the way.

Nahla: I'll make you a copy of the picture, as I will be in it....looking "stunning".
Then, when you are old and losing your marbles I can whip out the photo so you can remember how "stunning" you thought I was back in the day. 

Darius: Cute.

Nana was left to sit and think about Haven's arrival. She was super nervous, but they were only going on a "friend" date. Still, she wanted to look pretty for him, even if he didn't know it.

 Sienna and Charice have since come down to wait on Tyrese's arrival. 

Charice: So, think you might marry this one?

Sienna: Mom, I am not even thinking about any of that right now. Just because we are going to a wedding does not mean I have my own wedding  in mind. 

Charice: Just checking.

Sienna: We aren't even a couple. We've just met up a couple of times. 

Charice: Uh huh. Well, just have fun then.

 Tyrese: Wow Sienna, you look incredibly beautiful.

Sienna: Thank you. *blushing*  The suit looks really great on you.

Tyrese: Thanks, it isn't my favorite attire, but I decided to dust it off for Rod and Danielle's big day. 

Charice: You both look smashing. 

Sienna: This is my mom Charice. 

Tyrese: It is great to meet you, Sienna speaks very highly of you.

Charice: Does she now? News to me. Alright kids lets get a move on things...

 Nana: Sorry to butt in but you both really do look so adorable!!

Charice: I should probably sit down for this. 

Tyrese: Thanks sis! You certainly cleaned up great too. 

Nana: Thank you! Oh and please don't do any of that older brother stuff with Haven. We're just friends and I don't want him to feel totally awkward all day. 

Tyrese: *Chuckles* I will try to keep that in mind.

Sienna and Tyrese head outside for pictures. 

Charice: So, Haven is your date? 

Nana: Yep!

Charice: Watch out for that one...

Nana: Um....

 Haven: If it isn't the ever charming Charice. 

Nana: You two know each other? 

 Charice: We're acquainted...loosely. But, no drama today. 

Haven: I wouldn't dream of it. 

Charice: Good. Now pay attention to your date and let us make our way out to the group photo session...

 Nahla: Okay everyone just act natural and look fabulous!

Now they are on their way to Rod and Danielle's Wedding!! 

A BIG Congratulations to Rod and Danielle!!!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Friday, April 13, 2012

Huge trade entry coming soon and other announcements!....

I hope this finds everyone well. I just had a couple of things I wanted to announce. There are several exciting blog entries I will be posting in the next couple of weeks! I went and had a doll day with Julie. Everyone remember "The Dream Doll Room" posts? Well a couple characters from Doll Drama went shopping in Julie's spectacular stores and made a few mini stops in other areas of her dolly verse. It was a blast and I can't wait to share it with all of you. (^_^) Next on my announcements is the HUGE TRADE entry I will be posting. I know we all seek to save money and I have gathered stuff I don't need and will post it for trade/sale here.

There will also be a contest coming (not a giveaway).  I thought it would be fun to get everyone's creative doll juices flowing and have a prize at the end. I'm still working out the contest details, but it should be fun for all. (^_^) I hope to see many of you participating!

And the last announcement I have to make is as follows...

I will no longer be taking commissions.

If we have already discussed, or I already have your commission in hand those will still be honored/completed. However, I am too stressed and overwhelmed to continue with commissions at this time. One day I may open a slot for a commission here and there. But I would much prefer focusing on my own creative projects and sketches I have piling up. I thank each of you for the kindness and faith you have placed in my abilities. Without all of you none of these blessings would have been possible. There will be a lot of creative doll projects posted here, but they will be of my own design after the last commissions have left my hands.  I hope that everyone understands my decision.

In other news, I completed a re-root for my own collection. She has been in the works for awhile now. I worked on her here and there as she had a lot of plugs! She was originally a Fashion Fever Holiday Kayla Barbie. I re-rooted her in platinum blonde which I found kind of scary to think about, but she is now one of my very favorite Kayla dolls.

 The flash makes her look lighter. (The first picture is more accurate to her skin tone.)

 Introducing Carmen! (^_^) 
She has a little dog, but the pictures that showcased that didn't turn out too well. 
Plus, she is wearing a shirt I was FINALLY able to replace!

Oh and a new Fashion Royalty fella has found his way into my doll family. 

This is only male fashion doll with "natural" red hair. 
You can't see it but he is wearing jeans I made especially for FR males dolls.
It was my first try, and I made the pattern myself. 

Here is a better picture of them..
I have since added a faux button.
I hope to sew more in the future with the tweaks I made. 

Well, that is all for now. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still around and doing what I do. lol

*hugs to all*

-Cat of A Doll Affinity