Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 12 Hommes of Christmas

I reached 12 Hommes this year, and found it fitting to end 2012 with a group shot of them. 

At least some of them decided to behave.

While others did things like this...

Trying to steal presents...

...and assaulting the tree.

Even my Hommes have some behavioral issues. 
We may need a therapist up in here for Christmas. 

No matter what Holiday you are celebrating this time of year, 
may it be SPECTACULAR!

Thank you for following, and commenting this year.
I hope to see so much more from everyone in 2013!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity (^_^)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A package from Brini!! (^_^)

I received my awesome prize from Brini at Brini's Doll Domain yesterday! 

Opening it was such an event that I decided to showcase what happened.

 Here is what came in the box...

I think someone has great intuition, because I adore purple! (^_^)

Here are the pretty bead details of the necklace/earrings set!
(Thank you so much for this beautiful bonus Brini!) 

And this little black and purple box must have the prize inside!

Now, at this point, something went terribly awry....

My apologies for the atrocious behavior you are about to witness. 

 Meet Sammy, and Mya...

*Nothing I said would make them stop, so I gave up....*

*Sigh, these poor girls have terrible role models.*

*But surprisingly they understand team work far better then their alleged "adult" counterparts.*

*Oh to be that happy over something as simple as ribbon.*

"Be careful girls!"

Oh dear...

 *Where did HE come from?! Who am I kidding, where does he ever come from?
Sly....way too sly...*

* Box...don't be dramatic. Eli...stop being creepy.*

*I'm going to let Erin take care of this one.*

Ha. Ha.

* Erin is creepy.*

Yes they do.

Very true observation.

Oh boy...


This will not end well.

I'm off to find Charice....

Looks like I am going to have to get my jewelry back while she is sleeping....

Finally, some cooperation!

Brini, thank you so much for your kind and giving spirit. 
If you haven't started following Brini's blog and entering her holiday giveaways...
What are you waiting for? (^_^) 

Sending love and blessings to each of you...
-Cat of A Doll Affinity

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Review of the New Articulated Kara and a Tip! :)

After waiting several Barbie So In Style Kara and Kianna dolls arrived this Monday. I couldn't find out for sure if the knees were articulated, so I was nervous I had just wasted $18. 

 That's right....articulated knees! (^_^) 

An articulated body dark enough to re-body my Top Model Nikki!

I won't lie...I wish they were pivotal knees like the newer Fashionistas, and I wish they had bust articulation. However, this will keep me from dropping $70 to articulate this particular doll. 
Plus....the little girl that came with this set is SUPER cute! 

Her helmet is adorable despite being pink!


Both dolls came with skates that can convert into shoes with ease.

(The wheels on both pairs of skates really roll!)

Now let's see what is under that hat...

Kianna has Saran hair, but I think it would be much cuter in curls.
I may have to remedy this.

And as suspected Kianna has serious helmet hair...yikes. 
Despite that, I'm still blown away that it is Saran. 

Now, I will showcase the Kara part of the set, however I got way too excited and popped her head off before I got pictures. 
Sorry, for the floating head pictures...heh.

Her promo picture showed hair MUCH better than this.

I like her eyes, but..

...I am not a fan of the "teeth". 
I saw many people quite excited over the "teeth", but I think they look painted on and sorta weird. 
Maybe with a prettier lip color, they would look better? 
This is just my opinion, and if you love her get her and enjoy her. 
I would love to to see Chynadoll re-paint this girl! 

Now, on to Kara's outfit and accessories...

I think the only thing I am keeping are the skates. 
SIS dolls, for me, usually have ridiculously cute clothes. 
But this stuff makes me think of a weird 80's ski trip movie, but instead of skis you get skates and knee/elbow pads. 
Again, maybe I'm just being critical.
If you like it...go for it! (^_^)

And, forgive me for being uninformed, but what is this meant to be?
There aren't any headphones, and I have trouble picturing someone skating around with their music blasting out of an iPhone for everyone to hear. 
Help? lol

So, due to the head transplant that ensued I ran into a neat tip.
 (The above is a picture of a Liv body not the Kara body.)

Athletic/Sports tape! 
If you have a neck knob that is too small, and you don't want to kill your hands trying to change it out, use athletic/sports tape.

My Top Model Nikki had a large neck hole, and the Kara body had the newer and smaller neck knob.

I discovered that wrapping strips of athletic tape around the large part of the neck knob worked great!
It is also a great alternative to the rubber band technique many of us are familiar with. 
No more loose/bobble head issues! 
So happy that she can pose now! (^_^)

(She doesn't have a name yet, any suggestions?)

She is already charming Remi....

Yes, I FINALLY got my hands on Dynamite Remi!!
Now she is getting her hands on him too...ha! 

 And in other news....I have been re-rooting quite a bit.
Some have been commissions, though I am not actively accepting commissions at this time.
Stay tuned for an update on my latest re-roots. 
This blog needs some new entries... ;)
Thank you for following me!
Play on!
-Cat of A Doll Affinity