Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here's Johnny!!!! ......Depp...!!

He finally arrived. And of course I just had to remove most of his beard and tons of the unattractive shading from his face. I let down his lovely hair and re-dressed him. Such a hunk! His new name is Malik and all of my dollies couldn't be more excited to have him around. Some of my other fellas may need to step up their game a bit. Hahaha... :)  In the future I will probably straighten, cut, and restyle his hair. But for now I will let him keep the partial dreads.

Until next time....


  1. Wow! He really looks great. Much better then on the page.

  2. Yeah, I had no intention of purchasing him based on what I saw on However, I saw him nude and de-boxed on eBay and decided he wasn't a bad lookin' fella after all.

    Today, while I was on flickr I saw a picture where someone had straightened and cut his hair. It looked great! So, in the next couple of weeks he will be getting a hair cut.

  3. I know. Cannot believe Mattel actually captured him so well.