Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An update and a special THANK YOU to Ms.Leo and Introducing Ella....

I haven't updated this in a few days, and that is because I have been hard at work on Episode 1. It isn't perfect, but we all get better with time. So within a few days the VERY FIRST episode of my Doll Drama will Premiere right here on The Doll Affinity blog. I would like to thank MS.LEO for her generosity in referring so many lovely individuals to my blog!! I went from 2 followers to 8 in a couple of days. It is a blessing to share my doll world with all of you and I always encourage each of you to share as much of your own dolly world with me.

Thank you all for the awesome support!!

In between takes I did a re-root of a Vitamin C Barbie Doll. She will be sold, probably on eBay, within a week. If any of you are interested just let me know. I will be selling her for $45.00-$50.00, and the dress and some shoes will come with her. I don't like selling my ooak girls nude. :)\



  1. Ella looks great! I thought she looked familiar, but didn't fully recognize her until you mentioned the singer. Brown hair becomes her ;-)

  2. Thank you!! I had this feeling she would be stunning as a brunette. I worried I might be wrong until I finished her. :)