Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Doll Day!! :D More on the A Frame...

So I scrubbed this monster down bit by bit for over 2 hours.....*Faints*
But it was worth every broken nail I incurred.  After it was all cleaned up I decided to get my furniture out and decorate it. Now the photos below are by no means how it will stay, I was just having fun with it.  Ms.Leo made mention of wanting to see the inside, and that is exactly what I took pictures of this time. Modeling in the photos is Haven and Pandora...

The first two pictures are of the guy room. There is a lot more detail in this room than you can actually see. Kind of crazy, but I do love black, red, and white...*sigh* Haven makes it look better. Inviting isn't it?  ;) lol

The next few pictures are of the "girl" bedroom...lots of little stuff in there! Again, hard to catch it all in the photos.

These pictures are of the Bathroom, and I want to do more with it in the future.

The lovely living room, and yes, I wanted it to look "dated". I love this style. :) 
Here is the kitchen, sadly, I have no useable counter space, so it is a bit cramped and limited.

And finally, the "sitting" room, wasn't sure what to do in this room, but I would definitely like to add wall paintings with other odds and ends in the future. This room was quite tricky do to all the windows and doors. You can't see it in the photo but there is a balcony behind the wicker furniture. Very cool little room. :)

That concludes the tour of my new doll house. I also have the large pink barbie house they issued a few years back. It has a spiral staircase, and I cannot remember what it was called. Now that I have this behemoth, I'm wondering if I shouldn't get rid of the big pink house.....? 

Hope everyone's week is going stellar! (^_^)

-Cat of  *A Doll Affinity*


  1. LOVE IT!!! It's FUNKY! The entryway, the kitchen, the bathroom and bedrooms, absolutely LOVE how you've decorated it. Seeing these pics are motivating me to get back to fixing up my doll house.

    Great job!!!

  2. I know! I am lovin' the funky vibe! :) I am working hard to motivate myself, so if I motivate another kind soul in the process, I feel VERY accomplished! LOL :D

    Thanks so much Tracy!!