Monday, September 5, 2011

A week.....Time loss....

Okay, so Episode 8 is a day off schedule and will be posted tonight, God and Youtube willing....

I haven't posted much anywhere in the past week. As I am suffering with a severe case of the blahs. I do hope they go away soon.  On another note, something exciting is happening for me tomorrow in the doll section of my life. I may cry tears of joy, and I'll post a special blog with pictures tomorrow, as I am getting something I have coveted for the longest time. ( No crying pictures though. lol)

I'm thinking of offering a re-root service, what do all of you feel is a reasonable price for a well re-rooted doll?  I am curious to get everyone's feedback on this. So, comment away! :)
I am also interested in perhaps trading my re-root services for 1:6 scale things that other individuals may offer...what are your thoughts on this?
I was planning on putting together a video on my youtube channel to showcase my services, in the future. What do you wish you saw more of in the craft of re-rooting? Colors, styles. etc?

Thank you all for stopping in here to read my ramblings. I do appreciate all the wonderful responses I receive here, and all over the web where I can be found. (^_^)
Above all I deeply appreciate your patience with me. I hope to post more, and not just stuff about the Doll Drama.

Oh and P.S. I won the Sci-Fi theme photo contest on with the following picture. I encourage all of you to join in on the fun!  This months theme is Hollywood Glamour...  And for those of you that aren't familiar with the site, it is like a facebook for doll lovers and it isn't just limited to 1:6 scale. Everyone there is so wonderful!
I hope everyone's holiday weekend was amazing!!-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I'm not sure about a price to charge for your reroot services but I will be first in line. I have a few chicks I wanna send over to your salon for service :)
    I'm excited to share your good news in the doll thing your expecting so be sure to post! Congratulations on your contest. Great job :)

  2. Aww! That makes me feel awesome. I really enjoy re-rooting for others. Which dolls are you wanting re-rooted?