Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreadlocks and a New Cafe/Bakery

Hello everyone! I hope each of you are well, and enjoying the unseasonably nice weather (minus the crappy storms and allergies).  We keep experiencing both here in Indiana. Yuck. lol

On to the good stuff!

I FINALLY did my first re-root using dreadlocks. Thanks to Dani over at Vita Plastica!
She commissioned me to make the awesome gal below happen. (^_^) 
And she directed me to an extremely useful dreadlocks tutorial . 
I still managed to use the "knot" method which isn't used in the above tutorial. 
Please keep in mind she will need to get home and reunite with her body, and I'm sure Dani will have some fabulous pictures and characterization for her in the future. 
But, for now, this is all I can offer...

 I gave her some make-up too! 
I think it livened her up quite a bit. (^_^)

My next dreadlocks project will be done on my Fast Track Victor James fella. I flocked him, but Dani showed me this picture of him with dreadlocks and I just cannot see him any other way now. 
 Can ya blame me? 

 In other news, I have made a TON of progress in my doll room! 
But due to the time it takes to post dioramas I will continue to just post rooms one by one. 
In this post I will show you my Cafe/Bakery diorama. 
For those of you that watch "Doll Drama" ( I know there hasn't been a new episode in 2 months! eek!) you know Tyrese owns a Cafe/Bakery. I think this might be his new set up. What so you think? And somehow I feel his adopted sister Nana helped decorate. (^_^) 

So without further blabbering, here it is....
 (Another HUGE thank you to a very special doll friend for giving me such wonderful new props!) 
Please excuse the less than awesome is a pain to photograph when it is gloomy outside.

The very beginning.....
 Still needs some nice touches...

 There we go! (^_^)

For now, I'm calling it Pop Life Cafe. I enjoy using box cut outs for decorating.
It's cheap and you can recycle. (^_^)

May this find you blessed and well!

Oh and on a side note....Does anyone know where Tracy India has gone?!?!
If you read this....WE MISS YOU!!! (^_^)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 


  1. It all looks great!! I did some dreadlocks out of yarn one time and man was that a pain in the butt.. you are so tenacious in your rooting!! I envy you!

    The cafe looks wonderful, I am especially in love with the counter!

    1. I have always wanted to try doing them out of yarn. How durable were they? What type of yarn did you use? And thank you for the encouraging compliment of being "tenacious"!! I both dread and love to challenge myself with re-roots. In the future I will be re-rooting a doll in Nylon. You said it holds style much better, correct? The color I needed was only available in Nylon, so I figured, why not? lol

      Thank you! I may change the cafe 3-5 more times. I can't ever seem to leave things alone. But I like it this way for now. (^_^)

  2. Look great hope to get on ur level some day:)

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Tinisha! (^_^) I am sure you will, and for all I know you already are. How many re-roots have you done? Any fav dolls to work with?

    2. I've been in the Barbie world for age ahaha but I never knew It was so full of possibilities. I didn't know there was also people just like me out their doing what I do, It's a wonderful feeling. I have not done any rerooting yet I feel I'm getting the itch for it though. No fav yet I enjoy too many too pick:)

  3. The cafe is awesome! Great job Cat! I love how you did her hair. I need to check out that tutorial. I would love to give one of my Ken's or Steven that hairstyle. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your rooms,

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl!! Like you, I cannot seem to get enough bright and beautiful colors in my scenes!! LOVED your diorama by the way!! (^_^) I have seen several Ken's with dreadlocks and they look awesome. You should absolutely give it a go!

  4. The POP Life Cafe is awesome! Love it!

  5. Very nice. Congratulations on getting your stuff together.

    BTW that Victor James looks great! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you D7ana! I am SO impatient to get my Victor James looking as gorgeous as the one in the picture you saw. I'm thinking of giving him a couple facial enhancements as well.

  6. Agreed! Where is Tracy?!!! Thanks again for Marie. I dunno if that will stay her name or what. I'm really excited. I had a whole persona for her but I have to think it out s'more.

    Thanks so much Cat, she looks gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see your Victor James!

    I have more commissions in mind for you so rest up my friend!

    1. Yeah, I wonder where she has gone off to? Hope she is doing okay. And there is nothing wrong with fleshing out a character again. It happens a lot when I make over my own dolls, so I completely understand.

      You are SUPER welcome Dani!! (^_^) And I cannot wait to see Victor James either!

      I still have 4 others after I finish your next gal. lol No time for rest just yet. Plus my dolls are ready to riot if they don't get some make-overs soon. Ha!

  7. Hello from Spain: I like the end result of your 'pop life coffee'. It is very nice and has all kinds of details. I love all the furniture. I also miss Tracy but I know nothing of it. Congratulations on your style of harrows. It looks great and original. Keep in touch

  8. "Pop Life Cafe" is a really cute name! I think you should keep it. I like the dreadlocks hairstyle!Super cool!!

    1. Thank you doll! I just might. I love Mod styling so much, and it completely inspired the cafe. (^_^)

  9. I'm diggin' the hair, I'm diggin' the cafe -- everything is awesome. There is a vibrant 80's vibe that I'm getting from the Cafe. Love it.

  10. Congrats on your first dreadlock reroot. Look forward to seeing more. Your cafe is awesome! Love the tip jar. Nice happening place to hang out in.

    I recently communicated with Tracy. She and daughter are doing fine. Just a really busy time now with her daughter. She will be back soon.