Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Mall's Grand Re-opening!

Today's blog is all about the mall!
McDonald's has been moved to a new location. They have more room there anyway. ;)
With McDonald's out of the picture, "The Perfect Fit" is booming!

But before I show you all that, let us take a look at some progress shots...

 Even "Fire and Ice Fever" is getting an overhaul. 

Please excuse the lights. It looks really great in person. lol 

Now onto the good stuff....

"Fire and Ice Fever" A Makeover... 

Whew! That was exhausting!!  

Now onto the bigger project...

"The Perfect Fit" A Makeover...

 The shoe/purse rounder is a candler holder. This idea came from Julie. (^_^)

Build it and the dolls shall over run it....

Or destroy it.....ugh.... -_-

 Corbin: So which one do you think she'll like?
Asher: How would I know? 
Corbin: Because you're her boyfriend.
Asher: Um....
Corbin: *sigh* Hopeless....
Asher:You look hopeless sitting at a pink Kiosk. 

 Lithen (holding up red purse)- Hey man, do you think Kiko would like this one?

 Josephine: Who is "Kiko"? 
Eli: I have no idea. I think he's been snorting pixie sticks again.

 Lithen: No, I left that behind me in 5th grade. 
Why are you totally lying to Josephine right now?

 Sammy: Great, now I will have to hold Josephine's hand while she gorges on large amounts of carbs and cries. Thanks a lot Eli. Jerk. 
The only way this will work out to my advantage is if she kills him right here. 
Then I'll help her throw a clothing rack on top of him and say it was an accident. 

Me: NOOOOOO! Murder is NOT allowed in the mall. 

Sammy: Well then you can hold her hand while she blubbers over Eli the player. 

 Sia: Where is the lousy hairdresser?
Amelia:You were the lousy hair dresser.
Sia: What?!
Amelia: You got fired for threatening to slap a customer. 
Sia: *@$%!^!!&@^*
Amelia: Charming.

 Corbin: Hi everyone! I'm making my dressed debut. Cat showed me naked in her last post. Not cool.

Me: Sorry, at least it wasn't a money shot. -.-
Not like you have anything going on down there anyway...

Corbin: What!?!?

Josephine: You better get that bank account lined up. 
It's going to be really expensive explaining this away.

Oh geez....

Ya know, sometimes I don't think my dolls know what it is to get along. 
Drama Queens.  

Anyway.....I hope all of you enjoyed the mall pictures!! 

Have an AWESOME Day/Evening!!! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Replies
    1. As pretty as Phina is, there would totally be rioting. <3

  2. Wow, your mall is really impressive! A palce where I'd really like to spend some time. :)

  3. Awsome! It's better than the actual mall near my home!

    1. LOL! It is better than our mall here too. Thank you!

  4. I really like your mall and photos of all the details are fabulous, they give me the impression of being in scale 1/6!!! Spectacular!!! Corbin is cute!! My dolls would like to know if your mall does group discounts

    1. Isn't it fun to put ourselves in the perspective of our dollies? (^_^) Thank you so much Sergio!! I'm not sure the mall staff have considered the advantage of group discounts. It is definitely something to think about. lol

  5. Love it all! My dolls wanna come over and go shopping there. Great job Cat:)

    1. Thank you! Bring em over! lol (^_^)

  6. What an awesome mall. Loving all the areas! You did a fantastic job in creating it!

  7. I looks great!!! Count my girls and guys in on wanting to come over and shop. :) Maybe the two that are there for their spa day can shop and make all my other dolls jealous lol.

    1. LOL I will send you pictures of your girls in the mall once they are all done. (^_^) B

  8. Talk about a play date heaven. My dolls would be all up in there! My favorite thing has to be the clearence rack.

    1. Haha! (^_^) Julie also gave me the idea for a Clearance rack, and I just LOVE it!

  9. I-LOVE-IT!! Great job Cat. So much details. I absolutely love the clearance rack. Lol! To cute. Oh and the shoe/purse stand (candle holder) is very creative. Me and my dolls want to come there to shop. Let us know when you're having the next sale. Lol!

    1. LOL Thank you!! (^_^) I will be sure to keep you posted.

  10. The mall is awesome! I could spend a lot of time at the Perfect Fit! Forget the dolls. I want to shop there. Corbin is such a cutie! He looks different with clothes on. LOL!

    1. Haha! Thanks Vanessa. I could shop all over the place. lol And Corbin really comes alive with clothes on. Go figure? (^_^)

  11. Wow it looks great!!! You have some very lucky dolls!

  12. I love your dialogues- they are so funny! And this is how it happens with my dolls in the Onesixthscaledollhouse! lol