Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Thanks to Kelly I got Ghost Barbie's head at a VERY reasonable price. 
I am completely enamored with her. 
She is temporarily a body thief....just in time for Halloween. 
Her new and permanent body should be here early next week. 
I have several photo shoots planned for the coming weeks.
She will be in at LEAST one of them. 

This doll doesn't take a bad picture. 
Like I said.....enamored with her...yes I am.

Here is another picture I poked at in the photo editor.

Yes, I am an Edgar fan. My mom raised me on his poems. 
I found it Halloween appropriate. 

Well, I am off to have a horror movie marathon with my mom. 
It is just us girls in this 100 year old house tonight. 
Woo hoo! Spooky all year round. 

What are all of you doing tonight? 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Hi Cat! I love the new graphic of the blog!! I'm not a fan of this Barbie, but you make cool everything! Btw I've done my own Barbie Ghost wrapping a Barbie in the tulle fabric. Here in Italy we don't celebrate Halloween, but my dolls are doing a party in their town. Of course, you're invited :)
    Happy Halloween!!

    1. Thank you Sergio! I loved your Halloween themed blogs!! Ken's costume had me laughing! So clever! (^_^) I didn't know Italy doesn't celebrate Halloween.


  2. Love your new blog layout! The Ghost Barbie looks absoultley flawless, and glad to see another Edgar fan! Due to the weather, I'm just inside snuggling up with some candy! :)

    1. Thank you Verona! I am still playing around with the look of it, but we'll see where I go from here. For now, I like it okay. (^_^) Hope you had an excellent and cozy Halloween! *hugs*