Friday, November 2, 2012

Out with the old....In with the new.....

Since cancelling "Doll Drama" it was brought to my attention that several of my extra dolls were due to the series. Which is why I am now selling off "Kiko" (formerly a Benetton Barbie Osaka).
You can find an ad for her here.

The price may seem steep, but she is quite rare. 
(It took me FOREVER to get my hands on one.)
When you do find her, she will more than likely be priced at $50+ dollars. 

This one has an updated body (model muse) and a full re-root in gorgeous Saran hair. 
Not to mention an already spunky/sassy personality! 

(The reason she isn't on her old LIV body is because her head was actually never a tight fit, so I didn't want to sell her with a wobbly head.)

Now...onto the new!

Some of you may remember this girl....

I got her an Obitsu body because she is extremely pale.
But recently I got a little crazy and beheaded a girl I just haven't been happy with for awhile.
(She will remain nameless for now...)

The point is...
I gave Sakura the beheaded gal's matching Dynamite Girls body
and was impressed by the result....

So much better!!!

Next is my Ghost Barbie...
Her new body came today, and she has got to be one of the most photogenic dolls I own.
I know that I've said that before, but it takes VERY LITTLE effort on my part to make this girl look
so incredible.

Here is a little photographic evidence...

(This picture was a quick snap with enhancements were made.)

(BTW: is awesome.)

For those of you wondering, she is on a Fashion Royalty Brides of Dracula Contessa body.

I did cut about an inch off her hair. I like the wavy effect, but the bottom was flat.
Now it has a little more volume as well.

In other news.....
I got a grail FR male doll!!!
(Hope I bond with him.)
So, there will be a Fashion Royalty "Homme" themed post very soon.
I think this blog is overdue for raining men...

And when my Facebook page reaches 100 likes (I'm at 90)...


So, if you haven't yet, come on over and "like" this page!

Play on! 

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Your ghost barbie is ridiculously beautiful. The promo pics don't do much for her. Got a name for her yet? Sakura is lovely. Funny how a body can change a doll. She looks so delicate now. Can't wait to see your new man friend!

  2. Can't wait to see the FR guy! *squeals*. And Sakura looks so much better on her new body. Kinda like a hipster grifter :).

  3. That's a great pic. I really do love the Ghost Barbie she is truly a winner!

  4. Hello from Spain: gree with you that the Barbie Ghost is a very photogenic. She is really very elegant. I really like her style. Keep in touch

  5. Simply gorgeous! I am really in love with the Ghost and Sakura! That red hair is just yummy!

  6. Love the new look of your page and this doll looks stunning! Great photography!