Friday, November 9, 2012

100 facebook likes! It is time for my facebook giveaway!

I said if my facebook got 100 likes there would be a giveaway. 

Haven't liked my facebook page yet?

Ah yes....the prize....

Below is the picture of the giveaway prize. The dress is handmade by me and will come with a necklace of faux pearls. This dress is very well made and has a metal snap. 
 The inside is lined with light cotton, and there is  even a tiny button detail.

Once you have liked my page on facebook follow these simple steps to enter.....

I WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE!! So this giveaway is open to everyone who "likes" my facebook page. But if you do not "like" the facebook page, you will not be entered to win.

To ENTER: After you have "liked" the facebook page....
Send an e-mail to that includes 
1) a link to the facebook page you liked the site with (so I can verify you have liked the page). 
 2) Your First name with your last name initial. 
3) And the last thing you need to include is what you "like" about A Doll Affinity.

Everyone has until November 19th to enter!

(The winner will be drawn randomly. 
And if there are enough entries I will offer a 2nd prize for a 2nd winner.)

Thank you again to all who follow what I do. (^_^)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Beautiful dress! Hope I get lucky and win!

  2. I never won in any Giveaway, but I'll try one more time. :)

  3. Nice giveaway. I am not a FB fan, but best wishes to all in winning this lovely dress.

  4. Congrats on your 100 fans! Lovely giveaway. Good luck to all participants .

  5. Hello from Spain: Congrats on your 100 fans facebook! The gift is precious. I have no profile on facebook but good luck to all participants. We keep in touch.