Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haven's Interview!! Finally!

I know it took me forever! My apologies for the late arrival of the interview, and I hope everyone enjoys it. All questions came from fans of Doll Drama... 

Haven, an interview....

Interviewer: Hello Haven. I'm Charice, and I will be interviewing you. Thank you for agreeing to talk with us. 

Haven:  As soon as I was told the questions would be directly from my fans, I couldn’t pass up such a fun opportunity to connect.  

Charice:  Aw, aren’t you sweet?  We’ll see if that sweetness prevails once we get into some of these rather juicy questions.

 Haven: Juicy? What sort of questions are we talking about here?

Charice:  The ones directly from your fans. Do you suffer from short term memory loss?

Haven: Is that one of the questions?

Charice:  Oh boy. No, it’s a Charice original, thought up just now, and it is semi-rhetorical.  

Haven:  Wow. You’re---

Charice:  Spectacular. I know. Ready to begin?

Haven: Sure. 

Charice: Fantastic! Now the first question comes to us from Danielle Kempke. She asks… when were you the most heartbroken over a girl? Whether it was an ex or not…

Haven:  Right for the jugular, I like that. My first heartbreak was in the second grade. I had a huge crush on my teacher. Needless to say, she turned me down. 

Charice:  Hot for teacher eh? Not too surprising. 

Haven: I’m starting to think you don’t like me much. 

Charice: Of course I do. I’m just having a little harmless fun at your expense. Roll with it. 

Haven: I’ll do my best Charice.

Charice: Great. Our next question comes from April W. She wants to know, after what happened between you and Nahla, if she were not married, would you have pursued something?

Haven: I highly doubt we would have ended up in such a compromising position if it weren’t for the circumstances we both found ourselves in. But, if it would have happened anyway, I don’t think so. We’re just better friends than lovers. 

Charice: Are you insinuating that your romp with Nahla—

Haven: I know where you’re going with that, and you should definitely move on to the next question. 

Chrarice:  Oh you’re catching on; the next question comes from EbonyNicole30. She writes… Asian men and African American women couples are popping up all over the place now; a few episodes back you kissed Sienna! Sienna is now single, do you see a future with her, or were you just being a heart-breaker?

Haven: First, I would say Sienna is the heart-breaker. That spectacular woman is always going to have a piece of my heart, even though she doesn’t seem to want it. With love comes respect, and kissing her when she was with another man was reckless of me. I still think of pursuing her, but knowing I slept with her best friend makes me feel unworthy.  

Charice: Nice, a blame game of hearts has ensued. This question comes from Liz Hartney. She asks… how do you avoid the sun and stay so perfectly pale? Is Edward Cullen jealous of you?

Haven: Is that really a question?
Charice: Yes, and I can’t wait to hear your answer as you truly are a greyer shade of pale. 

Haven: To quote one of Nahla’s favorite musical artists and one of my least favorite, I was born this way. And aside from being born this way, I am a bit of a night person. As far as Edward Cullen goes, um, I don’t know the guy. However, if I did, he probably wouldn’t be jealous, because regardless of our similar paler he has found his Bella and I obviously am still on the hunt.

Charice: Oh goody, you are clever. Your appeal is starting to grow on me. 

Haven: I’m not as flattered as I probably should be.

Charice: Don’t worry doll, you shouldn’t be. The next question comes from Hey, It’s Muff, and she writes, Haven, does your family know about your penchant for black ladies and if they do, how do they feel about it?

Haven: I want to state that I love women, and all the variations they come in. My parents are well aware that I chase all manner of lovely ladies, and they’d be far happier to see me in an arranged marriage.  That is never going to happen. 

Charice:  Are you a politician? 

Haven: What? 

Charice: Never mind Haven. This question seems very appropriate after your last answer. Simon of asked, how does it feel to be known as such a ladies man, and how do you manage to stay so darn buff?

Haven: I’m a ladies man?  I did not know this. Maybe I should start trying to work that in my favor. Thank you for the heads up Simon!  And my physique is the direct result of gym time and a high protein diet. 

Charice: Look, he can be modest too. 

Haven: Sure you don’t have some sort of grudge against me? 

Charice: In the fashion of further probing your humble edge this question comes from Ms. Leo, and she wants to know, what gives a man like you his confidence, his swagger? And why are you always Miss-Be-Haven?

Haven: Honestly I’m a big nerd at the core of it all, and I just embrace that. My parents suppressed me for so long that when I was able to just be me the confidence set in over time. Now, I can be a bit incorrigible, but I never mean to misbehave. I’ll try to do better Ms. Leo. 

Charice: As I am sure Ms. Leo might agree with me, we’ll believe it when we see it. Actions speak louder than words. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. 

Haven: I do, and you really can just ask the next question. 

Charice: Thank you for your permission, I kept waiting for it. Marta writes…I want to know what goals you wish to pursue with your modeling career, and in the case of not being successful what are you going to do? Also, who is your favorite designer? Tommy, Ralf Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani...?

Haven:  My goals would include establishing myself as a male supermodel, having increased financial stability, and modeling for some of the greatest designers of our time. And if I am not successful, well, I haven’t thought that far ahead as I believe failure isn’t an option. It is certainly something that happens, but in my mind I won’t fail because I’m trying. There are many designers worth wearing these days, so that is a tough question. I love Armani denim, but I like some of the styles of Dolce & Gabbana as well. 

Charice: Fierce, aren’t you? 

Haven: I’m not even going to touch that one.

Charice: You shouldn’t. You’ll get burned. This brings us to our last questions…

Haven: Already?

Charice: What? Did you think you would be talking about yourself all day?

Haven: No, I just…never mind.

Charice: Perfect, Georgia Girl, and many others want to know, how do you really feel about Nana? Is marriage in your future? What about kids, would you like to have them, and if so how many?

Haven: Nana is one of the most selfless women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is beautiful, compassionate, and intuitive. I hold an extremely high opinion of her. In regards to marriage, I hope it is in my future, as long as it isn’t arranged.  And having kids is something I’ve thought about often.  As long as I am with the woman I love, we can have as many as she and I can collectively handle. 

Charice: Oh look the politician strikes again. Are you sure that won’t be what you pursue when your modeling career tanks?

Haven: Ok, I think we’re done here. 

Sienna: Mom, are you ready to go--

Sienna: Why is he here? What's going on?!

Charice: We'll talk during lunch. 

 Haven: Now it all makes sense....*sigh*

That concludes Haven's interview. I hope everyone enjoyed it!! (^_^)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I love Haven!!!

    He better watch it or he's going to have a fangirl club started over here.. I think there is already a meeting in the Villa kitchen about it.

    1. He is hard to dislike. Nothing wrong with fangirl clubs they keep things interesting! :) Tell everyone in the Villa kitchen he sends his love. lol

  2. Cat, I loved it!! Great interview. Charice is a fierce to-the-point interviewer...kind of remind me of my girl Wendy Williams. Please don't let this be our last of Miss Charice. I love her style. Lol! By the way, I love the set (diorama).

    Happy Sunday to you!

    1. I love Charice! Truth be told...when I wrote the script for this I hadn't even made Charice yet. lol Thank you for all the compliments. And Charice thanks you too.

  3. LMBO!!! Wow Haven just got played. I love Charice!! He was such a good sport and answered everything question with kindness and respect. But I am still LMBO that he got played!!!

    P.S. Ava has her own question for Haven... I am a very hot young woman why wasn't I ever a prospect? (Her words not mine and I told her the question and answer session was over but she said since she knew you "personally" she could squeeze hers in. I am so confused. Why would she want to be a prospect? I thought she had a boyfriend or at least someone she was seeing. These girls confuse me lol.

    1. Yes he did. lol Poor guy. I think Sienna's mom is a fun force of nature.

      To Ava: Haven says, "You know how many girls are running around here. Some with clothes and some happily indecent. The competition is fierce! I wish you lots of luck in the man department at your new residence. You are a beautiful girl and the men will beat down your door. From what I saw on April's blog, they already do.."

      Dolls are confusing! lol But we love them anyway!

  4. hahahah i love this!!! nice work!

  5. This interview is funny and professional at the same time! It gives me the impression of watching a real interview as those seen on television!! Charice is a true force of nature, I hope to see her again

    1. I am very pleased you liked it. My effort was not lost, as I wanted it to feel "real". :) Thank you again!! You will will definitely see her again!

  6. That was great! I am loving Charice! I hope to see more of her too! Oh Haven, you just keep getting more adorable. I dunno if it was the angle or lighting but his face really expressed what he was saying!

    Will there be more of these interviews?

    1. Thanks! She is one of my new favorite doll people. lol And Haven is just ridiculously cute. Why can't he come to life? haha! I try to angle and light my scenes and pictures to make the dolls as alive as I can. So that is a HUGE compliment.

      From the response I've seen, Charice may get her own show. lol

  7. This made me fall out of my chair! Love this interview! Will you have more coming up?

    1. So happy to know it got you laughing! :) Thank you very much! More interviews are a definite possibility.

  8. Haven is a sweetie pie and I love him but he got played so cool by Charice, oh she was worth watching!

    1. Thank you! :) She is fun to watch. Gotta love them both. lol

  9. Omg! The whole time I was wondering what Charice's beef was with Haven and then all was revealed. This was great. I hope you do more of them.

    1. Haha! Thank you! I will certainly brain storm on the idea of more doll interviews.

  10. Poor Haven! He was great considering the circumstances. Great interview. You know I have to comment on the fashions. Loved Charice and Sienna's outfits! Charice is looking fierce! I'm glad it all was revealed in the end, because I was about to lodge a complaint about her unprofessionalism. At first I was thinking he must have met her in the past and really ticked her off. LOL!

    On another do you organize your fashions? I am always looking for good tips.

    1. LOL Charice is a show stealer, and I am really excited to explore her and Sienna's mother/daughter relationship. It is going to be fun to watch. While writing the interview out I was near to lodging a complaint as well. One thing is for sure..Sienna lets her mom know what is up. lol Both girls were effortless to dress, as they know what they like. Don't you love when a doll is like that? Thank you for such a wonderful comment/compliment!

      I have a plastic tower of drawers, and the pieces are separated into drawers based on what they are. My drawers are... long nicer dresses (not fluffy though)...short dresses...skirts...pants/shorts...shirts...jackets/ And I have another smaller set that houses guy clothes, period outfits, wedding dresses etc. Most of the smaller pieces are in individual plastic zip lock bags to prevent damage. I hope that helps! :)

  11. That was a great interview and you suprised me! What is Haven going to do, he forget he was dealing with a grown doll, lol.

    1. Thank you Brini! I love being able to surprise everyone. :) I think he thought Charice was pretty woman (not shocking since he is in love with her daughter lol), so when she played him he was side swiped. LOL

  12. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the interview. I was very creative with the question of your followers. The stage of the interview is precious. Haven's jersey as I have it. I like the color. Keep in touch.

  13. I'm so late with my comment but I had to let you know this was an awesome interview! I have an even bigger crush on Haven now, darn you Cat. ;)