Sunday, April 15, 2012

My guests attending Rod and Danielle's Wedding!

Several of my Doll Drama characters decided they wanted to attend Rod and Danielle's wedding. 
I'm quite sure I over heard them discussing about my inability to produce a new Doll Drama episode and a need to be seen...blah..blah...and other such things. 
So, I agreed to showcase them getting ready for Rod and Danielle's big day!! 

 Nana, Nahla, and Sienna decided to get ready at Sienna's place.
Their dates and Sienna's mom, Charice, are set to arrive soon. 

 Nahla: You look fantastic! Tyrese is going to melt. 

Sienna: I hope not. Then I won't have a date.

Nahla: Well, if that happens we can just pour him into your purse.

Sienna: I'm not ruining my latest designer bag to take a puddle as my date. 

Nahla: *laughs* Fair enough. 

 Meanwhile, Nana is getting into a computer game to calm her nerves and excitement.
Nana: Crap! I lost one of my bananas! No bonus this round...

 Nahla: Nana has the right idea! We should be calm and play some video games.

Sienna: I don't think it is going to take that much longer for everyone to arrive.

Nahla: You never know!

Sienna: Actually I do know. Mom and Tyrese just texted me that they are on their way.

 Nahla: Well, I'm sitting on my pretty purple butt until Darius gets back. Are we still taking a group picture before we leave?

Sienna: That's the plan. Who knows if we will ever do something like this again. 

Nahla: Very true. I still can't believe you didn't know Tyrese and Nana were adopted siblings. 

Nana: That is kinda my fault. But I guess it all worked out. 

Sienna: Yes, it did. So no need to bring all that up.

 Nahla: People who are reading this are probably confused. Considering Cat hasn't posted any of the new episodes. 

Sienna: She will.....eventually. 

Nana: Cat has been super busy. I will give her another month.

Nahla: *Laughs* Probably more like three! 

Sienna: Are you excited for your wedding date to get here Nana?

Nana: Yeah, Haven is a really nice guy. 
 We both wanted to go, but needed a date. It worked out pretty great!

 Sienna: Just drama at this wedding!

 Charice: Oh I certainly hope there isn't any drama! You girls are awfully grown to be acting classless at such a lovely occasion.

 Sienna: There won't be any drama mom. In fact, we were just discussing how well the date line up worked out. 

Charice: Date? I'm going solo. Men can be such a distraction. 

Sienna: Well I am going to welcome my distraction.

 Nana and Nahla: Hey Charice!

Both Girls: We'll behave!

 Nana and Nahla made their way downstairs. 

Nahla: This dress is incredibly itchy. 

Nana: Why did you wear it?

Nahla: Because I thought I looked good in it.

Nana: Oh, well I'm sure you and Darius can pick up some Benadryl on the way to the wedding.

Nahla: No, I think that would lead me to falling asleep and I am not sure anyone would appreciate my loud snoring. 

 Darius: Yeah, her snoring is awful! 

Nahla: Oh hush. You fart, and THAT is awful!

 Nahla: Darius and I are going to head out to the backyard so I can set up the camera to take our group photo.

Darius: I still don't see why we need to take a group picture..

Nahla: We're taking it, so stop questioning the motive.

Darius: You look stunning by the way.

Nahla: I'll make you a copy of the picture, as I will be in it....looking "stunning".
Then, when you are old and losing your marbles I can whip out the photo so you can remember how "stunning" you thought I was back in the day. 

Darius: Cute.

Nana was left to sit and think about Haven's arrival. She was super nervous, but they were only going on a "friend" date. Still, she wanted to look pretty for him, even if he didn't know it.

 Sienna and Charice have since come down to wait on Tyrese's arrival. 

Charice: So, think you might marry this one?

Sienna: Mom, I am not even thinking about any of that right now. Just because we are going to a wedding does not mean I have my own wedding  in mind. 

Charice: Just checking.

Sienna: We aren't even a couple. We've just met up a couple of times. 

Charice: Uh huh. Well, just have fun then.

 Tyrese: Wow Sienna, you look incredibly beautiful.

Sienna: Thank you. *blushing*  The suit looks really great on you.

Tyrese: Thanks, it isn't my favorite attire, but I decided to dust it off for Rod and Danielle's big day. 

Charice: You both look smashing. 

Sienna: This is my mom Charice. 

Tyrese: It is great to meet you, Sienna speaks very highly of you.

Charice: Does she now? News to me. Alright kids lets get a move on things...

 Nana: Sorry to butt in but you both really do look so adorable!!

Charice: I should probably sit down for this. 

Tyrese: Thanks sis! You certainly cleaned up great too. 

Nana: Thank you! Oh and please don't do any of that older brother stuff with Haven. We're just friends and I don't want him to feel totally awkward all day. 

Tyrese: *Chuckles* I will try to keep that in mind.

Sienna and Tyrese head outside for pictures. 

Charice: So, Haven is your date? 

Nana: Yep!

Charice: Watch out for that one...

Nana: Um....

 Haven: If it isn't the ever charming Charice. 

Nana: You two know each other? 

 Charice: We're acquainted...loosely. But, no drama today. 

Haven: I wouldn't dream of it. 

Charice: Good. Now pay attention to your date and let us make our way out to the group photo session...

 Nahla: Okay everyone just act natural and look fabulous!

Now they are on their way to Rod and Danielle's Wedding!! 

A BIG Congratulations to Rod and Danielle!!!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Wow, everyone looks great!!! I can't wait to get my folks dressed. I didn't even think about more than one couple attending. I can have an edgy couple and a "straight" couple! Excitement! See ya'll at the wedding!

    1. Thank you!! (^_^) I really can't wait to see who is attending on your end! Glad I was able to encourage more "groups" to attend! lol Where are all of these people going to sit?

  2. Fabulous story! They get funnier and funnier. Charice is a mess! Everyone looks wonderful! Great outfits! I'm so glad they decided to attend. The church has an overflow room so there shouldn't be a problem with seating. Please thank your ladies for bringing dates. I was getting a little nervous about all the single ladies showing up.

    1. Thank you Vanessa! I had so much fun getting them ready. I've missed them. (^_^) The excitement and anticipation is through the roof over here. I think they have felt neglected, but I am going to try and change that. And I am so glad to hear that everyone will fit. I was getting nervous! I will be sure to thank all of my gals for being responsible and not trying to pick up on men at the wedding. Although, Charice is flying solo....*sigh*

  3. Wonderful story! Everyone looks fabulous indeed! See ya there lol

    1. Thank you!! (^_^) Love your couple too!!

  4. Erin is going to have to shake her ass especially hard since Haven showed up. Phina just cries in embarassment.

    1. Poor Haven! He doesn't stand a chance with all those single women coming.

    2. HAHAHA! Does Ms. Phina embarrass easily, or is Erin just that embarrassing? (^_~) I agree that Haven may have to fight the girls off with a stick. I think Nana is too timid to kick butt at a wedding. (^_^)

    3. Erin is just that embarrassing!!! Gods love her but she doesn't know when to quit. She's a lot of fun though!!

      Phina tends to be very well-mannered so she would probably leave poor Haven alone unless he approached her first if he was obviously under womanly duress!!

      Erin though would be pushing fools out of the way and dragging him out to dance!! She's pretty persistent!!

  5. They all look stunning! Oooh, Haven! All the girls here are drooling!

    1. Thank you Verona!! (^_^) Haven is in some serious trouble! lol

  6. Good story Cat! Your couples are all styled so nice. I LOVE that purple dress (my birthstone). I didn't get that one when they were being sold...silly me. You guys better great a move on. The church is quickly filling up.

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you Georgia Girl! Purple is one of my very favorite colors and I absolutely fell in love with that dress. Personally, I want every color available of that dress. lol Happy Sunday to you too!! (^_^)

  7. NaNa is a lucky girl, Haven is heavenly wish he lived in my Doll Domain. Everyone looks wonderful glad to see a new story from you. See you at the wedding.

    1. Thank you, and I hope to keep up the doll stories more frequently in the near future. I should have more time again. (^_^) See you at the wedding!

  8. I adore every single dress that you have shown in this photo story, and especially for the one Nana is wearing. She's really cute!!

    1. Thank you Sergio! I just love collecting various dresses. Some of the ones I have collected thus far are a little weird, but weird is just a lesser word for unique. And we all know unique is awesome. (^_^)

  9. Great story and of course everyone looks great. I love that purple dress too.

    1. Thank you Brini! I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I think the girls were happy I did. lol

  10. Everyone looks lovely. I just love seeing men in well-tailored (conservative) suits! They do look marvelous!


    1. Thank you! (^_^) I enjoyed seeing the fellas all dressed up as well!

  11. This was so entertaining! Made me miss your videos so I had to reread it and turn on my ipod to get that vive. Everyone looks so good.

    1. Awwwww! Thank you!! I know I need to make a new video. Things get so crazy and time just keeps flying. Doll Drama is NOT dead, and I will bring it back in the near-ish future. (^_^)

  12. Hehehe, I love it, "No Drama Today" ... that should be every wedding guest mantra!!!!

  13. Hello from Spain: a wonderful story. All the dresses of the girlsare beautiful. The clothes look very elegant. The guests are very handsome. I also sent a barbie from Spain to the wedding of Morristown. keep in touch and see you at the wedding ....

    1. Thank you Marta! I just saw your gal and she looks stunning!! (^_^)

  14. Love their outfits I will have to make sure I see all of you vids so when the new one comes out I will know what's going on lol everyone looks fab

    1. Thank you Tinisha! I look forward to your input on Doll Drama in the future. Like I tell everyone, just try to make it through the poorly timed first episode and just know it gets better. (^_^)

  15. Takeo and Haven are to pass each other and take a 2nd like "Are you my brother?"
    Charice is the best I love her and that dress Sienna has on is to die for!

    1. I know, right? Those men are TOO hot to handle, but the girls keep handling them anyway! (^_~) And Charice is just gonna keep 'em all in check! lol Sienna's dress is actually a Kari Michelle (not sure on that spelling) dress. It was a gift from a doll friend and I love it too! Thanks so much for stopping in!

  16. Cat everyone looks great! I'm really loving Sienna's dress.

    1. Thank you Adrian! I haven't seen you around as much, I bet your own dollies are keeping you up to your eyeballs busy!! (^_^) Still loving your videos, keep 'em coming!

  17. Wow so many Dolls from different toys manufacturers, Adore that. You really give us funny moments through your photos.
    The brown sofa looks so real.

    1. Thank you! (^_^) Variety makes the collecting process so much more fun! And I do try to keep things humor filled where I can, so happy you enjoyed reading it!

  18. Love how the guys are dressed up as well as the ladies. Love how you pose your people relaxing and relating ;-D

    1. Aww! Thanks D7ana! (^_^) They just kind of take over! lol

  19. hi from istanbul : beautiful story, beautiful photography