Friday, June 22, 2012

My first vintage re-root! Skooter! (^_^)

I was asked by a doll friend to re-root her vintage Skooter. She found her with her hair chopped into a scary mo-hawk. (Sorry no before pictures of this.)

 I think she was this Skooter....


Here is her new look. Please excuse her dolly nudity. I didn't have time to dress her before picture taking. 

TIP: I discovered placing the head into a heating pad for 10-15 minutes between each circle you root... does wonders to help the hair set/lay down better. This is especially useful when trying to give a doll bangs. (^_^) 

I apologize for not responding to everyone's comments from the last post. 
I am currently playing catch up on the blog and on any e-mails 
I have received from some of you recently. 
I have NOT forgotten about you!! Promise!

*Big dolly hugs!!*

-Cat of A Doll Affinity 

May each of you be blessed! (^_^)


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the heating pad tip.


  2. Awesome! Looks better than the original! Thanks for the heating pad tip!

  3. Hello from Spain: thanks for the advice of the doll bangs. This doll has a magnificent long hair. You did a great job with her hair. Keep in touch.

  4. Nice hair, you did a great job! I love Julie's what an awsome collection, thanks for the link.

  5. Great tip! Thanks. Awesome job on the reroot.

  6. She looks great. I'm getting ready to do my Cara. I debated for a while but she deserves a new do too.

  7. Woohoo!! Perfect as always!! Skooter seems very happy of her new hair :)