Friday, May 13, 2011

Here comes "Aylah"...

A OOAK Re-root wearing a handmade outfit.

She will be sold on ebay this coming week.
I will post a link to the listing here for those of you interested. :)
She has been re-rooted using Katsilk Saran Hair. It is hard to see, but her hair is actually
two tones blended (cupcake pink and blonde). It is subtle but if you look closely you will see the pinkish hue.
I love working with Lea and Kayla face molds. So pretty.
It gets hard to part with my creations, but I can't possibly keep all of the dolls I re-do.
Just finished her up this evening and wanted to share.

Have a MARVELOUS evening!

-Cat (Orchid's Designs)

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