Friday, May 13, 2011

Past Creations of mine, now "sold".



A OOAK Re-root/partial re-paint wearing a handmade ensemble.

The above creation was re-rooted using professional grade Kanekalon hair.
The last picture was included to showcase the black underneath all of that cinnamon red.
She was formerly a Shakira Barbie with the ever stunning Lea face. :)
I made her a completely lined outfit, as I am not a big fan of selling my OOAK dolls nude.
Her face was partially enhanced. Doing a full facial re-paint sounds terrifying. Maybe one of these days. lol

"Vintage Sewing Fun"


Using a pattern I tried my hand at sewing a lined vintage dress for Barbie.
It was a neat learning experience. :)

"Into the Garden of Midnight-A OOAK Ensemble"


This was my first attempt at sewing specifically for the larger busted Fashion Royalty Dolls.
I love the colors and had a lot of fun with this one. The dress and the purse were fully lined. All the little accessories were fun to make as well. Tedious, but fun. :)


Those are some of my most recent sold projects.
I have much more in the works.

-Catherine (Orchid's Designs)


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  2. Beautiful dresses! You did and excellent job. I love last one. The print of the skirt and the color of the top are so wonderful.

  3. A million more Thank Yous!! :) It was my very first attempt at making a more complex full ensemble. And my very first attempt at sewing for Fashion Royalty Dolls. I wish I made more time to sew for my dolls. It is probably something I will be doing more of in the future.