Saturday, August 13, 2011


I really hope everyone likes the video, as it was tricky due to the original music I chose (which was perfect.) However, luckily Youtube offered Moonlight Sonata from their site and it worked quite well. Not my full original vision, but still good.  ENJOY!!! (^_^)


  1. OMG, I loved this episode! Haven has some serious guts kissing Sienna but he's such a hottie, lol. It's just like life, people always want what's unavailable to them. :)

    Oh, wanted to tell you that this link takes you to a Barbie ad and not your video but it I was able to view it by going to your channel. :)

    Can't wait for the next episode.

  2. Very true!! Always wanting what they don't have and not appreciating what they potentially already have. lol

    Thank you for the heads up!! LOL I was watching nostalgic Barbie commercials and somehow the links must have gotten switched. Too funny! Glad you still found it. The link is fixed now.

    Hopefully this weekend or early next week Episode 7 will be ready and posted. I look forward to your thoughts on the next episode. It's going to be explosive! Thank you for being so supportive.

  3. I really loved your video! I trying to put together a video and I think I'm going about it wrong. How do you put in your text?

  4. Ms. Leo, first of all, thank you for the awesome compliment!! :)

    Second...Do you have Windows Live movie maker?
    That is what I use as they have a text option. I have also heard of other individuals using Power Point for their videos.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I used Window Movie maker but I only see the titles,effects and tranitions. Where is the text option?

  6. **Option 1**When you first open the program, if you push "title" in the top menu bar, it will switch you to the "format" tab. From there you need to click on the "home" tab at the top where you should now have "title", "caption", and "credits" in the menu bar at the top (not the tabs). Click on "caption" and you will see where you can add text to your "title" slide. In the menu bar above is where you change text size, font, etc.

    **Option 2**If you are starting with a picture it should automatically set you to the "home" tab and the "caption" option will be right there once you add the first picture.

    Let me know if that helps!! :) Some days I am better at explaining things than others lol

    I'm excited to see what you are making a video of. :)

  7. Thank you Chynadoll!! I still need to finish Ep. 7. Sorry it is taking so long....super busy! lol

  8. I don't have a captions option anywhere. That may be because I have windows movie maker and not windows LIVE movie maker but I did with what you suggest figure out how to make titles work. I'm trying to figure it all out now. Thanks for your help!

  9. "I'm not sorry" made me weak in the knees!