Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stepping back...a reflective post.

Today's post is different from my other posts.  The highlights of my life are family, night time walks, music, and dolls. Sometimes I wish there were more things that caught and kept my interest, but I struggle with spells of melancholy. I'm not entirely sure how many people actually follow my blog, YouTube channel, and Flickr account. Anytime I post something doll oriented it is because I wish to share something with others who will truly appreciate it. It really is that simple. I don't often find posts like this on other doll lovers blogs, but it doesn't mean they aren't there. I love to create, as do many of you, and I think it really defines the human spirit to watch and share in the creations of others. Probably one of many reasons the doll community can be so wonderful. To those of you that do comment, and correspond with me through the various places we can all be found on the web, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I have people who claim to be "friends" outside of my doll musings that don't communicate with me or show kindness the way many of you have and do. I thought it was time I express proper gratitude. If any of you have something you'd like me to check out, or want constructive feedback, never hesitate to send me a message or comment. I will get back to you asap. :) I love seeing what you are all up to.

In the spirit of sharing and appreciating one another.....Keep up the amazing work everyone!!
-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. ADA, I love your blog and it seems like you are a very cool person!

  2. Thanks!! :) I'm excited to see what you do with Episode 3 of Takeo and Addie!

  3. ADA, I am very new to this blog world and I absolutely love it. I came across your blog site thru other doll collectors and artists. I personally want to say thank you for all you have been doing thus far for all of us doll lovers. It is very true that that "it defines the human spirit to watch and share in the creations of others", which is why this doll community thrives the way it does. Lots of my "grown" adult friends just don't get the idea of an adult wanting to have a collection of dolls etc, which makes it all the more meaningful for me, to be able to connect with the many friends I have made in the in the doll community. The creativity in this community is awe-inspiring and wonderful! Keep doing what you do, and just know that folks like me love it and will continue to appreciate it and be watchful of your next episodes and blogs :)

  4. I know what you mean about "friends." I think, at least for me, there comes a time in life where people start to move in different directions and the unfortunate part about that is...we often loose contact or grow apart.

    The great thing about the doll community is the shared interest in dolls and then you find people start opening up to one another and you find out it's a community of amazing people with seemingly good hearts.

    I will definitely continue following you blogs and youtube channel! And of course follow posts about other parts of life and or interests. :)


  5. Chynadoll- Thank you so much for your insightful reply to this post. I find most "adult" friends are anything but. I've learned who cares and respects what I do, because they make a point to be in my life, and communicate accordingly. The doll world friends I have made are so valuable and often times put a smile on my face. You have entered into a very loving and welcoming community. :) We are SO glad to have you!

    Thank you for watching my doll drama and taking time out of your day (as our moments are precious in life), and stopping in on my blog from time to time.

    I can't wait to see what you do in the doll community. Keep me updated!! :)

  6. Tracy- I agree. People outside of blood, and sometimes then, seem to drift away. I try very hard to be loyal, but some people are just toxic. And as hard as it might be, I am forced to walk away and cleanse my life of those toxic individuals.

    On a happy note....Thank you!! You are such a wonderful strong individual and I will continue to follow all you do as well!! :)

  7. I'm glad I found you too. You know you can just tell about some people that you will get along. I go through periods of darkness too. In fact I think with artistic personalities, it seems pretty common. But doll work is one of the best therapies. And this community is wonderful. I love your blog and can't wait to go dig in.

  8. Dani- I really needed to hear from you today. I didn't know I would, but those "dark" periods are so hard to shake without light from other souls to guide you a bit. It gets lonely. Thank you for digging in. I have been following your blog a lot and kept meaning to say hello. :) I actually followed through today! All things happen in time, although I try to be a sooner than later gal. Key word is "try". Working on that. Again, thank you for the uplifting comment. It truly is the little things. Especially for collector's of 1:6 and the "artsy" folks of the dolly world. :)