Friday, August 26, 2011


I finished my very first commission!!! A Barbie Basics Steffie re-rooted in a stunning blue, left long with a side bang. She was re-bodied on one of the New Barbie Basics 2.1 bodies. What do you think? :)

And.....I finished the script for Episode 7, set design is tonight and shooting will take place tomorrow. Plus, the script for Episode 8 is already in the works!! I really hope I keep up this pace! ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. I love the blue hair! I works with the eye color and the dress.

  2. Very nice!! I love her. Is that Saran hair? The owner is going to love her.

  3. Ms. Leo: Thank you!! I purposely sought out a similar shade for the eyes. The blue is so pretty! :) Glad you like her!

  4. Georgia Girl: Thank you for the compliment! :) It is Saran. Although I may work with nylon more now because it seems to be less static filled than Saran. :)