Monday, October 24, 2011

Bratz for a good cause... Spa Day Fun! :)

As some of you know, I belong to an Indianapolis Fashion Doll Club. At the end of the year they donate tons of dolls and other toys to kids who are in need. This is my first year with them and it feels awesome to give back! I came from poverty as a child, and cherished every doll my mom could afford. She worked very hard as a single mother to raise my brother and me right. We didn't usually have the latest toys but it made me appreciate what I did have when I got it.   Many times the dolls I did get came from groups that donated toys for kids. It helped to shape my childhood into a happier one despite not having a lot of money or toys. So, I got a big box of Bratz last doll meeting and my sister Nikita and I are taking it upon ourselves to make over two Bratz at a time until the box is ready to donate. :) This Blog is our first spa day adventure. We felt like little girls again and had many laughs. It was the best and brightest day I've had in awhile. I do not collect Bratz and never have, but I have been given a gift in doll restoration and I love to give and not just sell everything I do. If I was financially well off I wouldn't sell my work at all. :)

So without further introduction.....

Mine and Nikita's Bratz makeover Day 1....

Well I hope everyone enjoyed mine and my sister's madness. :) 
I had more fun than I thought I would. lol

-Cat of  A Doll Affinity


  1. They really came out beautiful! You are going to make some little girl happy! It's such a worthwhile project!

  2. Thank you for commenting Frannie. :) I am loving this. I get to give to a good cause, and return the kindness that was given to me as a child. Plus my sister and I are having a blast.

  3. Wow Cat they came out very nice. That is a great thing that you and Nikita are doing.

  4. Aww, that is so touching! I love what you and your sister are doing! If you ever need my services please do not hesitate to ask( free of charge) for such a well deserving cause! I would be honored to help you guys redo some dolls for the girls. I too grew up les than fortunate and never forgot where I have come from. It keeps me humble and so thankful for the many blessings big and small in my life. Thanks for sharing this post. Love the way you put it together as well. So cute:)

  5. Georgia Girl- Thank you! :D It is really neat to see the before and after. It always amazes me what love, care, and some soap can do. :)

    Chynadoll- Thank you Chyna. :) It really does feel amazing working on this knowing that someone once did things like this for me and I wasn't even aware. It does keep us humble and grateful. :) If you have a couple extra dolls to fix up and send my way just send me an e-mail @
    All donations are welcomed. I have the best doll friends! :)