Monday, October 3, 2011

Episode 10 has been POSTED! :)

I finally got the time to make Episode 10!!! My apologies for the short, and rather lifeless blog post that this is. I am running on zero hours of sleep. So without further blabbing.....

I have a lot of blog reading and commenting to do!!!!  You have all been very busy!!
Sending much love to the doll lovers who read this....
May everyone be blessed and well!!

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. That Haven, my goodness he is one hot piece of plastic! I'm so torn now because he's super adorable with Nahla too. :)

    This story just keep getting jucier and jucier! Love your music selection in every episode and the house is decorated so cool. Anxiously awaiting episode 11. :)

  2. Tracy- Yes, he is and dear goodness he doesn't know how to take a bad picture! :D lol!

    Thank you for the awesome compliments Tracy. I try to add music that doesn't offend the ears but moves the story forward. I changed his room up slightly for the shoot than what it normally looks like. And Episode 11's script is already in progress. I hope to film this coming weekend. :)

  3. Hey , I've been trying to post here but the site won't let me. I love this video. Too hot!

  4. Ms. Leo- I wonder why it won't let you post? Glad you were finally able to though! :) This Episode did seem to sizzle a bit didn't it? lol

  5. Wow! That was hot! Sizzle sizzle. Loved it! Great job. The music was right on point. I too am looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Chynadoll- Thank you so much!!! :) I LOVE the music that was in this episode. Hoping to get Episode 11 posted by Monday.