Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some changes around here.....

So my body told me that 4 hours of sleep was enough. I tend to disagree, but since I have to do as my body dictates in that area, I stayed up. Well, surprisingly enough, I accomplished photographing, writing, and posting the Character Profile section of this blog! (^_^) Madness? Does creative genius come in any other form? LOL  Although, I wouldn't call what I did "creative genius", just creative accomplishment. I am hoping to update the look of "A Doll Affinity" and get around to posting a couple blog entries this week. The accomplishment of that will depend upon how far I get in my re-rooting projects. They are my first priority. 

There is a lot of information in the Character Profile section. Some of which you may not know, so take a gander if you have time and let me know what you think. :)

In other odd news this week...ever wondered what the inside torso on the articulated Frank Sinatra Barbie looks like? Well, wait no more.....

Some would find this horrifying. I find it fascinating. Now I have a reference if something starts going wrong with any of my articulated bodies. This was from a purchase I made off eBay.  I purchased the doll for $15 (compliments of eBay bucks) for her body. I noticed her torso seams appeared spaced when I moved her. So, on a hunch, I gently pulled her apart. I snapped the pictures before I fixed her.  I am very relieved she was repairable! (^_^)

Well,  I do believe that's it for this afternoon. 

Hope everyone's week is going well!!

-Cat of *A Doll Affinity*


  1. Oh my goodness! How do you put a body back together, hot glue? Love the character's profiles. That Tyrese...boy, nothing like a man who can cook & bake! :)

  2. Wow that is truly amazing! I also love your character profiles.

  3. Tracy- Yep a little hot glue did the trick. :) You can't even tell it was ever broken. Tyrese is a KEEPER! :) I hope he can have an articulated body one day. Come on MATTEL!! lol

    Georgia Girl- Thank you! I had a blast writing them up. Some character really have a mind of their own....I'm always like, "but you're just dolls!!" lol