Thursday, October 27, 2011

I cannot seem to stop myself!

As everyone may know by now, I purchased my very first crocheted dress a few days ago. If you haven't read the blog, it can be found here.  I had also mentioned that I bought several more crocheted pieces. They came today, and I couldn't contain my excitement!  Here are the pictures... 

The above picture showcases 2 of the dresses I purchased.
The styling possibilities are amazing. :)
(Modeled by Amazing Nails Lea and Animal Print Fashion Fever Kayla)

 The first picture, in the shot above, showcases the orange sweater top, and the second/third pictures showcase the black and red dress I got! 
(Modeled by Fashion Fever Kayla and Fashion Royalty Living Dangerously Kyori Sato)

I am so excited about having this one for the holidays! How cute?!
(Modeled by Cheerleader Kayla) 
She posted 3 more dresses today and I bought 2 of them. Thank goodness they are affordable. I have officially gone crazy for her crocheted creations! :) There are still a few pieces listed at the following link: Joans Emporium!

Enjoy!  And thank you for reading!! :)

-Cat of A Doll Affinity


  1. Wow! These are really cute! I love the orange top and the Santa pieces! I'll have to make my girls some tops like this!

  2. Ms. Leo- I know, I am loving that orange top too! lol :) My girls are fighting over it. Can't wait to use some of these pieces in the Doll Drama. When you make your girls some tops I really hope you blog about it! :)